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Nice work. Currency exchange rate is updated (from the source)?

Thanks. Yes I’ts updated at least daily.

Can this only work with PHP, or can I extract the script, and use it within my .net site?

It has been coded in php, im not experienced in .net so not sure if you could implement it easily in your .net site.

Great Work Man , need to ask you :

- Where do you get the currency prices ?! - Which repository ?! - Is it reliably ?!


Currency rates are taken from Yahoo Finance :)


Would it be possible to show the price of an item (on our ecommerce site) to show in the currency dependent on the LocaleID of the users browser/IP address country?

Thanks Mark

That would need further customization.I guess you will need a database for that.

Can I run this script on a Wordpress theme? I need to use a script like this but I’d want it compatible with Wordpress..

Yes it is still valid, you can check the demo, i told you you need to costomize the script, include js,css properly cause the path have changed obviously.

I did make some custom in the files but I can’t see where I need so modify the path in the JS script…Could you tell me where I need to do that?

Could you private message me, so that I can take a look at it? Thanks.

Looks really pretty and practical. I would like to as a few to understand the nature of the script. I need something lite. I’ll use is on a site with huge traffic, so shouldn’t be bloated.

  • How many files does the script exists of
  • Total size of the script
  • Does it use bootstrap or another bloated frameworks?

Thanks for your reply in advance

Hello, The script contains 15 files in overall, including 1 css, 2 html, 2 js, 3 php files and a few icons (not all usable). So the script is nothing really complicated and big.

Pretty fine. I’ll test today

Thanks for your fast reply

You’re welcome, thanks for your interest.

Hello When I entered an amount to be converted and then hit the “switch” button, it just switches the amounts and doesn’t convert it. (So if 1 USD is 0.72 EUR, clicking reverse just makes it seem like 0.72 US dollars is 1 EUR).

Can this be connected to Romanian National Bank? I wanna see the rates from Romanian National Bank. If it does, I want to buy it. Thank you!

Hello, I need to load the index.php file in an iframe with maximum width of 165px. Can you please help me to adjust the css file of the script? I thank you very much.

Hello, can I use my own rate data? Thank you

Yes. You can use it manually but you have to edit the script.

Thank you.

Hello. You should check your htaccess settings or Contact your host and explain that the script throws an 500 Internal Server Error and they might help with a solution.

Hello, I bought this script today – it is great, thank you!

I need to convert value of one div to other div on page load without any inputs and key typing. For example: 10 USD in one “div” converts on page load to other “div” 7.69 Euro. I think I need to change something in main.min.js Please, help me to do it!

Hello, please PM

Nice script, is it possible to change values with queries?

Is it possible to change the default currency to Euro rather than US $ ??

Could we also change the width of the widget ?

Yes, You will need to edit html/css to do that.

Great Script! And thank you for your great support!

Hello, is it posible to implement this script in existing html page? Thnx

Slowest support ever.

7 bucks trown in the drain