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Thank you :)

Any backup option for API ? may i see partner API details / plan ?

app work good but when i change packge name of the app calculator stop working on the app and app crash when i try change fron one to other currency can u check this and tell how i fix it i sent to u on skype too

Yes sure.


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Everything good except the Force close. I converted 1000 USD to INR. App get force closed. Tested with 1 USD, 10 USD, 100 USD nd found No issues with that. . Kindly check on that.


sebinkv Purchased

Try converting 1000 USD to other currency. App get closed…

Hi thank you for commenting. I noticed this problem last night and I have fixed this issue and submitted to codecanyone and they will make it live within 1 day. I will update the demp apk within 5 mint.

Just update the apk file now everything is fine.


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“Try converting 1000 USD to other currency. App get closed…”

and i cant select turkish new lira.

Please make a detailed check and update.

Hi thank you for comment let me check the issue.

Hello i can translate this app like help rate this app…...

yes you can translate this app in any language.

What files do i need to update for the new update?

hi i just purchased your app and iopen in android studio and it gives this error below: Error:com.android.builder.internal.aapt.AaptException: Failed to crunch file D:\androiddersleri\CurrencyConverter\codecanyon-18294113-currency-converter-admob-ready\CurrencyConverter\app\build\intermediates\exploded-aar\com.android.support\appcompat-v7\24.2.0\res\drawable-hdpi-v4\abc_textfield_search_default_mtrl_alpha.9.png into D:\androiddersleri\CurrencyConverter\codecanyon-18294113-currency-converter-admob-ready\CurrencyConverter\app\build\intermediates\res\merged\debug\drawable-hdpi-v4\abc_textfield_search_default_mtrl_alpha.9.png

what should i do ?

is there anyway i can do it in need?

i use android studio

please wait 1 day I will make changes. I am out of town thats why I cant help you right now.

Great, Is it possible that when any user download app, they will get there country currency signs on app. For example, a Person from Pakistan, they got RS. symbol and some from UK, so they got Pound icon.

Yes I will do it :) Shukria suggestion k lyi.

And from which website you are getting data ?

I used currencylayer


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Hi , can i upload it on my account google play without problems knowing that it uses a data from https://currencylayer.com/ ?

No you cant use it.


gouzi Purchased

I use it now , because i buy also the service of the re-skinning , i can not request from the worker to do this service again

Sir that icon has already used by someone. add me on skype I can help you reskining: malik.qasim.ali1

hi, thank you for the great app. how can i translate the currencies name, i searched and find nothing. can u help me about it ?

I am sorry sir, right now you can’t translate currencies.

hi did you check the mistakes i wrote about?

can you repeat here please

flags are wrong .i wrote them detailed.

Sir that comment has been erased i guess and I checked flags , everything is ok. Can you tell me name of flags again which one are not correct.


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can you give me error log? please add me on skype: malik.qasim.ali1


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Ok I added you on Skype. I will provide the error log when I get home in 8 hours.


Hello, I just purchased and wanted to have a discussion. Sent you a skype request.


eclipse project

No dear its only support Android Studio. It is official SDK of android. It is so simple and easy to use. You can learn it within 5-10 mins.

hi Appsbee any plan to make stock quote information , please take a look this link , it show how to fetch stock quote. https://code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/make-a-stock-quote-app-search-stock-data-with-yql--mobile-5313

Thanks :)

hello, the app crashes when i switch to landscape mode

I guess I already made it in portrait mode. If you purchase the item I will fix it by one line of code.


I would like to buy two apps from you. This one for currency and another one for horoscope. Can you offer me a reskin for free?

Let me know so i can buy them now here.


Please change color schemes and app icons and app name.

hey, still can’t do that. i am here still waiting for you to help me do those things. can you email me so that i can give you particulars for this.

i have all details needed ready including API, AdMob codes, and App name. we can work together to get other details ready as per need.

i would appreciate if you would help publish this app this week because i have been patiently waiting to hear from you its about one week one.

please help me finish this,... i will rate you nicely accordingly :)

what help do you need? you asked things I replied you. Please look above comments, 13 days ago you asked things and replied you. Now after 13 days you are commenting.

Hi, I want to add my own API key… How to obtain that?


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Hi, I cant take account on this website..

The subscription plans are not visible..


Also the Link mentioned in documentation return Invalid subscription Id


Please check both the screenshots..


sebinkv Purchased

Hi, The problem solved.. I choose a plan and the APP is working fine now.. thanks for quick reply. I also made a request on your Horoscope app. please check it.. The same issue is also for the horoscope app.

I am glad that you solved your problem :) Let me check issue on other app.

hello, i sent you a message yesterday but no response till now. can you look into that please?

please read my previous message here and respond. i have also written you on the other app that i bought from you as well. so, you are looking at 3 comments, just so u know. thanks :)

i asked you to help me customize the app so that i can submit it to google play and you agreed. i can’t do it by myself. if you wanna charge me extra for this, just say it and i will pay. if you, too, can’t customize the app, then refer me to someone who can help. u understand that the end goal of this app is to be published. that’s here why i need your help here. please understand.

Sir add my on skpe: malik.qasim.ali1