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You have improved design that’s good.

thanks :)

Hello, install APK, automatically shut down APP

thanks for your comment , please check your Android version because the application supports only Android 4.1.x and higher.

Looks nice. Does it come with documentation?

yes :)

Which api u are using? Can we convert GBP to EUR? EUR TO GBP

This is the api used by the application : https://docs.openexchangerates.org/docs/latest-json and it provides a standard response object containing all the conversion rates for all of the currently available symbols/currencies.

The convertion is done programmatically inside the application using the data provided by the api, so yes you can convert GBP to EUR and EUR TO GBP (149 currency available)

You can test the application in your mobile by downloading the apk file from here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8l6uEbvth_nT1NPZ3phbnBCVVk/view

1. How do you change the number of decimal places for the calculated amount?

2. Why is there a “back arrow” on the main page since there is nowhere else to go back to?

3. What is the purpose of the “turnaround/reverse” button located in the center of the screen between the two currencies chosen, since that feature does not appear to be available?

yes there is a bug , sorry i didn’t notice it. now i fixed it and the project is queued for review by envato. the new apk file is now available. thank you for your help.

You’re welcome! I see that the calculation is fixed, however the result for larger numbers now wraps to the next line. I think that perhaps the result field needs to be made longer, or else moved closer to the middle so that it is not forced to wrap.

done! thanx for the idea ;)

Just trying the demo APK, whenever I scroll through the list, there is a lag and scroll is not at all smooth. Why is that?

Also, whenever I open the app, list loads, I scroll fast and app crashes.

i just test it and it works fine! you used a real device or an emulator to test it ?

Well done!

thank you :)

Can I change the language of the app?

yes, you can

hi WaelDida , do you have any plan to make apps for stock market information price ? use api json from yahoo or google. if you ve please let me know , tks

sorry , i don’t have any idea ! if i find a way i will tell you

hi WDida, please take a look this link , it show how to fetch stock quote. https://code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/make-a-stock-quote-app-search-stock-data-with-yql--mobile-5313

Crashes.. android version 7

Updated! The project is queued for review by envato . The new apk is now available. Thank you.

Crash on android 6 when click on “CONVERT”

Updated! The project is queued for review by envato . The new apk is now available. Thank you.

currency USD to IDR 1322.0

i think is wrong.. must 13220.0

fixed! thank you.

its automatically update or not?

The project is queued for review by envato, it will be available in few hours. The new apk is now available.


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i can not find Changing the open exchange rates ID and i dont have a RatesTable java file.

Please help me


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and i click download buton i get Countries & Capitals???? what is the problem. i paid Curreny Calculator item

done! please check your email