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hello again.

I have found the file i needed to edit :) sorry for bothering you, it is a amazing script, i really hope to see more from you :)

Kind regards, Blasterman.

I’m glad you managed to work it out on your own!

mate you need to add fb login and country based click rate.


I wrote an email to you. Please reply as fast as possible.


I installed the script but when I want to shorten a URL I get the message saying that type a valid url… o_O’

Does anyone know what might happen?

Please send us an e-mail with your site URL.

Add advertise isnt possible. It doesn’t show the image but the text.

Summoner I just emailed you about an error. Can you please respond?


I just purchase this script. but when I try installing script i get following error.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION, expecting ')' in /home/curly/fw/pawn.php on line 4

What could be the issue ??


Curly URL Shortener requires at least PHP 5.3 to run, you are running an earlier version. Most hosting services allow users to run a newer version of PHP by having them include the following line to the .htaccess file:

AddType application/x-httpd-php53 .php

Try adding that to the top of the .htaccess file in the root directory of Curly and see if the script runs correctly.

Thanks ! Works Perfect !!!

I want to purchase this script just conforming that is it like website i mean advertising and earning for users or just link shrinker

The users of the url shortener do not earn any money, but the owner can generate ad revenue by showing ads on the site or rerouting urls to (these settings are changed in the administration panel) and use that to earn money.

Do you have plans for future updates?

There are currently no plans for future updates but you are free to make suggestions.

Here are some suggestions:
  • Able to create folders to add links
  • Facebook/Twitter-Login
  • Sharing with social networks
  • Edit created links with optional settings
  • Better statistic (statistic of all links per week/month
  • Improved profile (avatar, public folders, personal info)


I want to purchase your script but I have a question first, does your script support a landing page that has a timer in order to forward the user to the desired URL?

similar to but with automatic redirection (not with a skip button)

I hope I made myself clear :)

This is not implemented in the script but there is an option to integrate the site with and use their landing page.

Hi! I installed the script but when I want to shorten a URL I get the message saying that type a valid url

Pls help

I’ve responded to you by e-mail.

Does this still work? I want to buy this shortener but i need to change the theme of the website tho so i will have a to hire a graphic artist/programmer to do that correct?

Yes, just send as an e-mail and we’ll do it for you.

Please try to make sure your server meets the requirements to run Curly, though. You need a MySQL database and the PHP version must be at least 5.3.

would it be easy to make the script faster? To make the url short faster i mean?

What takes the most time is checking whether the entered URL really exists.

This could be done faster with a PHP extension called cURL. As we’re already conversing by e-mail and I’ll soon help you set up the site on cpanel, I’ll also implement the faster method on your site if cURL is available.

Will be some new version? The last update was a year ago…

Some suggestion: - Sharing with social networks - Facebook, Twitter & Google+ login - Improve statistics and profile (avatar, personal info)

hi. i’m thinking of buying this script. is they a way of adding a redirect page like and can we make custom templates?

I could not put the script :(

Hello, I’ve replied to your e-mail.

This shortener is compatible with Nginx? Is possible to host Curly in and create redirects on ?



I’m interested in this. Are the following features included please:

  • Editing of the Alias (After Login)
  • Domain Restriction
  • Spam Control (Capture?)

Thank you so much.

I installed the script but when I want to shorten a URL I get the message saying that type a valid url

I installed the script but when I want to shorten a URL I get the message saying that type a valid url