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Nice work GLWS :)

Thanks dude ! =)

Give me iOS AppStore link of this game..is it posted in iOS ?

Hello NatureFriend =).

I’m sorry it is not posted in AppStore… Only in Google Play.

Best Regards, Stingreyzapp

fantastic work ! all the best for your sales ;)

Thanks Eric! you too

Hi, I am interested in purchasing your template. I want to know how are we able to reskin the graphics without using Buildbox?

Hello Mugen727,

When you buy the template, you will have a full documentation on how to reskin the graphics. To be short here, you will just have to open your photo editor (Photoshop or another one) and open the Atlas file which is a PNG. The Atlas file contains all the graphics of the game, you just have to replace them in the photo editor =)

Hope that I have been clear,

Best Regards, Stingreyzapp.

P.S. : If you need further information or more support, do not hesitate to contact me : stingreyzapp@gmail.com

Hi, will you be selling the buildbox file separately?

Hey Sharawi Mobile,

Yes, if you want to buy it, you can contact me at the following address :


Best Regards ! =) Stingreyzapp

Is the buildbox file included?

Hello Jeveli,

Nope, but you can buy it by contacting me at : stingreyzapp@gmail.com

Best Regards, Stingreyzapp

Hi. This looks cool. I was wondering, if you don’t get the Buildbox file, how could I edit levels and stuff? Thanks.

Hey SamAaro,

The buildbox file is sold separately ;). You can send me a mail to : stingreyzapp@gmail.com so we can discuss about it.

Best Regards, Stingreyzapp

Hi, how can you change the speed of the game. It is very fast and I would like to slow it down a bit. Thank you!

Can I change the game language on Xcode ?

Hi, No, Best Regards