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Hi i would like to buy your plugin, but i have one question. Can i use this plugin on the few wp sites? Thank you.

hi! You have to purchase a license for every wp where you use my plugin.

Cube portfolio is awesome, I only have one strong critic about it. I, as a web developer, can’t expect my client to manage his own content using Cube Portfolio, because it is too complex. I would love to see a more user friendly admin interface for this plugin.


Thx for your message. Right now I’m working on version 2.0.0 that will add a new admin interface focused on user experience.

That’s great to hear!! Any ETA?

I hope to finish next month.

This doesnt make sense. I have to create the cube portfolio items, then create the portfolio items again in the template builder each time??? Wouldnt once I create the builder, this would query all future portfolio items based on the settings? But nope! I have create in two places? How is this user friendly for clients???

hi! I’m sorry for your experience. My plugin evolves in time, and now some parts don’t fit well. I have plans to improve the user experience and make it easier to use.

Hi, How can I disable “All” filter ?

hi! Please send me a message from my support page, and I will explain to you how to do it. Also, you can take a look at this video playlist on how to use my plugin.

Hi, I installed. Plugin and when I added in the page, whole page is a mess..se here https://goo.gl/L7GIwx

hi! Please send me a message from my email support page. We will continue the discussion there. This comment thread has limited functionality, and I don’t usually offer support here.

Graphically, this portfolio is beautiful BUT For SEO, it’s bad : - Duplicate URL - category page without image because no feature picture : I searched long but I did not find how to do!

This is really damage!


Thank you for your message and I’m sorry for your issues. I’m totally open to improving this plugin.

I believe there is something I don’t understand in your message because I don’t have any knowledge about duplicate URLs or that a category page is bad for SEO without feature image.

Please send me a message from my support page with more info about your issues. I’m sure we can find a way to resolve those issue. Also, please include a link to your webpage to take a look at it.

After checking with the developer, it seems that there is no duplicate content.

For the images: it’s always missing the feature images un cube post, so there is no image in the categories. But the author will try to display them in the next versions of the plugin. Once done, it will be perfect!

On the other hand, perfect support! The feedback to my comment was very fast and we feel that the developer really wants to improve the plugin.

Hi! Loving the plugin so far.

I was wondering though if I there’s any external carousels that actually work a “single line page” e.g. Avada’s Carousel or Image Gallery. Please note that I’m using Wordpress posts/pages rather than Cube Portfolio Posts.



There are some incompatibilities when using external JS in the singlePage functionality. I have plans to do more research and find a solution for it. Next week I will release an update for it.

Right now there isn’t a general solution for this issue.

Please send me a message from my support page with a link to your website to take a look at it.

Hi, i have a photo gallery portfolio with different filters/categories. For e.g. Food photos , party photo etc i need to show individual category on different pages. For e.g. “food photo” on on a page. Is there any method ?


Send me a message on my support page, and I will help you.

Please be aware that your support is expired. You can renew it from my plugin page.

dear author, i have a problem. I bought your product becouse i see that is possible to create a full screen portfolio project.

Now, i try your plugin but i can’t do the project mansory in full width. I try too force a full screenbut nothing.

In the general option of portfolio there is a field called “Custom HTML Class”. Is there a solution to personalize my template in full screen? thanks Carlo


Send me a message on my support page and I will try to help you.


mocreate Purchased

Hi! Is there a list of shortcodes for this plugin? Would love to force an initial filter without altering the original portfolio:

So showing only videos upon its own page (rather than using the .cpbf link method): [cubeportfolio id=”1” filter=”videos”]

Is this possible?

hi! sorry, no. My plugin doesn’t support that.

I have a Problem. Every Time i will do a change I will get this Message: Ajax error: 151 ! Please refresh and then try again. I’m using your plugIn in the newest Version of the Theme Blake from Upper. Do you have any idea where the problem is. I didn’t find a answer in the comments. Thanks for helping me.


Please send me a message from my support page. Also, please contact the Theme Blake author to see what is their response here. There could be a lot of problems.

Pre-Sales Question:

I’ve created this filterable post-based grid at http://www.rathfern.lewisham.sch.uk/news/ using Theme Punch Essential Grid with lots of css customisations, but I may have to move away from Essential Grid now. Will it be straightforward to recreate these using your plugin? I’m particularly after title/category/date to be present over top of featured image before you hover.

hi! sorry, no.


fotpiotr Purchased

Hello, is there a limit uploaded photos to the gallery? Once you have created more than 40 photographs gallery suddenly disappeared.


My plugin doesn’t have any limit what so ever.

I have responded to your support message.

is there a way to increase the character limit in the “Data Title” input with the Lightbox gallery?

sorry. Looks like it was not a character limit issue. I had a special character that broke it. I’m good, but I couldn’t delete my comment. Thank you.


Gianni-D Purchased

Hello, I have just bought your plugin and don’t arrive to reproduce the mode “Lightbox single page inline” like in your website with the description to the right and the slider pictures to the left… How i do proceed? Thank you


You can take a look at this video playlist on how to achieve that. You can also send me a message from my support page if you need further help.

Comment moved to jquery version

Hi there. I have this plugin bundled with a theme I bought on ThemeForest. The theme author is not responding to my requests for assistance so I wondered if there was anything you could do to help me?

Basically, the admin screens for your plugin are serving up blank. The developer tools console shows the following error:

“Error: Assertion Failed: Ember Views require jQuery between 1.7 and 2.1”.

I tried using the “jquery Updater” plugin from the WordPress Plugin repo, but that doesn’t seem to help at all.

Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated as my client is pushing me for an update!

Thanks and regards, Aaran

Ah never mind – the theme developer has replied now.


mocreate Purchased

Hi! How can I add alt text to images on Cube Portfolio? Needing this to maximize SEO.

hi Please send me a message from my support page and I will help you.