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auona89 Purchased

Hi, Did you solve problem with juicy projects gap?

hi! If you are referring to the right side gap on some resolutions, the response is no. That is a known limitation when subpixels calculation is involved.

Hello, still no Custom Post Type support for inline right?

hi! sorry, no. Right now I’m working to release the version 2.0.0. After that, I will work on Custom Post Type.

presale question: is the pagination on the portfolio pages included (< x > on top of portfolios)

hi! I’m sorry, but I don’t really understand your question. Please send me more info from my support page.

To be clear, all the features from the demo are in the package included for download on codecanyon.


dwd Purchased

I just want to tell you about a bug … If you use quick modification in Cube Post to change the title for example then publish, the image or image gallery include in your post willl be deleted … NOT COOL !

hi! Thanks you for the info. I will fix it in the next update.


jahshwa Purchased

Hi, I sent a support question — trying to figure out how to make your lightbox gallery function like the demo (with the expanding space between cubes). Eagerly waiting! Thanks…

there was a misunderstanding here that has been resolved in the last set of emails exchanged.


jahshwa Purchased

Agreed. Thanks for taking the time to deal with my specific needs, Bmihai. I have changed my review of your product.


jahshwa Purchased

Agreed. Thanks for taking the time to deal with my specific needs, Bmihai. I have changed my review of your product.

Hi! We have purchased your plugin. We have a problem with it: When we are logged in wordpress, the plugin works perfectly but if we log out, it doesn’t works properly. The issue is related to a javascript file that the plugin loads and generates the problem. You can check the code through chrome inspector. We think that it is a jquery conflict. Please, we need a fix for this problem as soon as posible. Thank you


Reply sent to your support email message.


Why do we have the mistakes here? What does it mean mistake , how to solve the problem

mysqli_query(): MySQL server has gone away in /home/protest2/protest/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1877 Error while sending QUERY packet. PID=1016037 in /home/protest2/protest/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1877

thank you

hi! I’m sorry, but I don’t believe your issue has anything related to my plugin. Please contact the person responsible for your website development.

I just purchased your plugin, thinking it would work with existing posts and categories. Instead, I would that the posts need to be in a Cube Portfolio custom post.

Is there a simple way to tell the Cube Portfolio to use my existing posts? I need to future-proof the posts so that they are not using a custom post type.


I would like to get a refund on this plugin then. How do I go about doing that?

hi! please contact the envato support for that,



pablobh Purchased

Hi, I need to edit the “Single page” template to add some additional info and remove other things. Here is the list of things I’ve tried to do that:

1. Editing the single-cbp-singlePage.php inside the plugin directory. 2. Copying single-cbp-singlePage.php to my theme directory and then edit it there.

Neither way worked. How can I edit the template? am I able to create a new template? Basically what I’m trying to do is having a nice looking page when people access the item on the portfolio directly.

Hoping to hear from you soon.


Please send me a message from my support page and we will continue the discussion over email. The first method is how you can change that template. Include in your message a link to your website to also take a look at it.

Also, please be aware that your support period is expired. Please renew it.

Hello, have you added the search box filter for the plugin yet? Thanks

hi! sorry, no.



1. Does this plugin supports RTL alignment and languages?

2. Is it possible (and easy) setting up a grid with ALL posts from a certain category without having to add all posts individually?

3. Is it possible to add ALL posts from MULTIPLE categories and show the categories titles on the dynamic menu above the grid?



Sorry, my plugin doesn’t support your desired features.

Hey bmihai – What a great plugin. I just purchased and I’m looking to do a swap image on hover when viewing the grid main page. I see there are a few templates you have built, but can’t find where I can do that. Can you help? Thanks, Pat

hi! reply sent to your support message.

Hi, how to make responsive this text on discription… http://prntscr.com/gozvio

hi! response sent to your email message.

Hi, response sent to your email message.


Conta Purchased

Great plugin, but I notice that it does not work in SiteOrigin. Is there any solution to that?

hi! Please send me an email from my support page with a link to your website to take a look at it.


marr45 Purchased

Does your plugin works with any wordpress theme? I need the simple clean site with your Masonry gallery and contact form – only 2 pages. I tried to use the jquery version of your plugin but didn’t manage … I’d like to buy the plugin but don’t know what the free theme is compatible with it?

hi! My plugin is compatible with any theme that follows best practice when comes to developing a WordPress theme. You can send me by email your theme and I can test it on my local development to answer your question.


ILUZIEnl Purchased

Hi! I love your plugin and use it with job :) Unfortunately, I have encountered an issue. When playing a video from SinglePageInline box on iPhone, when you turn the device, the video player closes. Is this a known bug?

hi! Yes, unfortunately, this is a known issue. I will think for a solution to resolve it in a future update.


ILUZIEnl Purchased

Okay, thanks for the response! :) Can you keep me updated on this please? Cheers!

Hi support. It´s possible to have a gallery with galleries? Each one open their own gallery on lightbox?

Best regards

hi! Sorry, the wp version of my plugin doesn’t support that feature.