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is this Plugin compatible with jessica theme?

Hi! From what I know, there are no incompatibilities with that theme.

How do you make that pop-down “info box” that’s on the Lightbox Gallery demo?

Hi! Please send me an email from my support page with a link to your website to take a look at it. Also, you can take a look at this video playlist to learn more about my plugin.

I haven’t bought the plugin yet, I want to make sure it can do that drop down box before I buy. But I couldn’t make it work in the demo.

All of the features you find in the demo page can be achieved through my plugin. You can watch this video for that `info box`.

Hi. I’m building a Lightbox Gallery grid and these small floating boxes with Google+ and Twitter links keep popping up over the Info Boxes. Can I get rid of these?

My site: http://darkhorseinstitute.com/testpage/


hi! I’m sorry but I don’t see any boxes. Please send me more info from my support page to continue this conversation.


I bought your wp portfolio plugin. When I load the zip in my backoffice, wordpress tells me that there is no valid extension found. So I tried to extract it via my ftp but wordpress did not take into account the plugin.

What should I do ?

hi! Please watch this video on how to install my plugin. If you have further issues please send me an email from my support page.

Hello, I installed the plugin on my health awareness website https://www.healthxo.org/ The plugin is awesome but it takes more time to load the page. Is there anyway to decrease page load time. Thank You.


From my plugin perspective, everything is optimized to load as fast as possible. The most important thing is to used optimize scaled images and you do that.

Please be aware that you have multiple errors related to missing resources (JS & CSS) and a lot of code that can be reduced to on your page to improve page load.

Hi, i have purchased that plugin. How can i change the title’s position or date’s position in Blog Post template. I want it above the image …. and not below


Please send me an email from my support page and we will talk there. This comment thread has limited functionality and I usually avoid proving support here.


Bmad7515 Purchased

Ok .. i already sent you a email from your support page … but ok i will send you another email.

hi! sorry for the confusion. I have sent a reply to your message.

Hi Bmihai,

Can you please advise how to customise the Project details, I would like to display more options than client name and date. Your help would be very useful.

Kind Regards,


Please send me an email from my support page and we will talk there. This comment thread has limited functionality and I usually avoid proving support here.


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i am having the same issue as CafeNashville PURCHASED

25 days ago Flag How do you make that pop-down “info box” that’s on the Lightbox Gallery demo? seems there is cannot be done like in demo its a bit frustrating otherwise please advice..


Please take a look at this video on how to use the pop-down. For more info please send me an email from my support and I will help you further.


I have some questions:

Check this picture for my requirements, please https://ibb.co/fJS0jw

1) Do your plugin able to display based on that sample? ( like on number 1 we can see the grid show photos category, and on number 2 we can choose photos to show based each category, and on number 3 we can see each image with small thumbnails for other images)

2) Are we able to upload 360 photos and able to rotate to experience 360 in each single image mode?

3) This one not primary my goal, but, is it possible to give effect to each image?

Thank You

hi! Sorry, my plugin doesn’t support your requirements.


dwd Purchased

Hi i would like to do something exactly like this : http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/cube-portfolio-responsive-jquery-grid-plugin/full_screen_preview/6372959?_ga=2.43525541.1828542877.1515421233-1834365785.1483612856

can u tell me how to do that ? i can’t find a way to do it … Thx

hi! Your link is behind an iframe and I can’t understand your question. Please send me your correct link. Also, please be aware that your support is expired. Please renew it from my plugin page.


Conta Purchased

Your plugin does not work with tab function. It only works on tab1 and not loss2,3,4 etc .. Is it possible to solve or is it a bug?

hi! reply sent to your support message.

coud I insert as a shortcode into elementor plugin ?


bmihai Author

hi! sorry, no. my plugin doesn’t support inserting shortcodes.

Hi. How do I add video to a portfolio? I only see options to add images.

Your website says quote “Cube Portfolio use a built-in lightbox system that support media types like images, videos loaded from YouTube, Vimeo, Ted.com or self hosted videos.” Where is this VIDEO feature you say is possible???


You can watch this video on how to add videos to lightbox. Under the `Add/Edit Project Media` section you can find the option to add videos.