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wouters Purchased

He there, Great plugin! Is there a way to invert the caption behaviour? I would like the captions to be always visible and when i hover over an item to disappear (fadeout).

Hi! My plugin doesn’t include this functionality out of the box, but you can achieve that with custom CSS.

Can I filter the author id to create a photo masonry?thanks!

Hi! I’m sorry, but I don’t understand your question. Please provide more info.

Say I have 200 existing blog posts on by website assigned to various categories. Say 10 categories

Will your plugin be able to create a Masonry Grid or showcase the posts and filter by category?

Or I have to create fresh posts from inside of your plugin.

I am referring to the WORD PRESS VERSION

hi! Sorry, the WordPress version of my plugin doesn’t support importing posts.


Mekju Purchased

Hey! I sent you an email

I’ve been having problems where there seems to be no consistency on when I get the “AJAX Error! Please refresh the apge” message. Sometimes it’ll work on the live preview on Brackets, sometimes it’ll work on some browsers.

All files are linked correctly so I don’t know what is causing this

hi! email sent to your support question.


Veented Purchased

Hi there!

I’ve sent you an e-mail yesterday with a little issue regarding to the plugin, do you mind checking it out? Thank you.

Kind Regards,

hi! reply sent to your support message.


I can’t seem to get it to work. I use lightbox gallery, but the image link is “” even though I have selected my image.

Please help me, thanks

hi! Please send me a link to your website from my support page to take a look at it

Quick question…I am looking for a grid that I can link out to post or page and doesn’t have the slider like you do on this below grid.

I like the “load more” option at the bottom. I basically have main cat’s and I want to link out to sub cats on another page.

The grid I like is this:

I just don’t like the fancy slide in from left or right to display the content. I want the user to click on the box and go to a page pr post. NO slider, Thanks in advance!

hi! Sorry, my plugin doesn’t support that functionality.


is it possible to set a justified grid with gaps like on this site ?


hi. sorry, no.

Hey, great script as it seems on your demo page, but none of it works when adding your code to my page. Could you please take a look at and tell me why your script isn’t working. Thanks.

sorry but I don’t understand your question. Please send me an email from my support page with more info and even a screenshot if that helps.

Sent. Thanks.

Thank you so much for your fast support. Very much appreciated!

Hi, I don’t buy your plugin directly from you, but it’s when I get the Wander template from Envato Elements.

I customized your script a little bit, I add ID for the added div from. g.$ul=g.$obj.children().addClass("cbp-wrapper").attr('id', 'instafeed') that one i modified

I add the instafeed ID, and I already put the div for each portofolio to instafeed template. The problem is, if I don’t put the divs in HTML, the portfolio section will be disappear, even though the HTML is build and perfectly fine except, the divs from instafeed, didn’t have a style attribute like the divs i put directly in the HTML file.

Only the top 3 only got the style attribute (because I write it on the HTML file, so the they got the style attribute) But the rest (from the instafeed) didn’t get the dynamic style attribute. How to fix this? (the html files) (instafeed template)

please help me, thank you


Please contact the author of that template. He is entitled to offer support.

OK, I already send the comment

Hi, the Search form (blog post demo) is not working on safari browser v11. (mac os high sierra) any idea how to fix this? thanks!

hi! Please send me a message from my support page and I will help you. There is a bug there and I will fix it in the next update (next week I will release it), but until then I can send you a fix for it.

I am trying to figure out how to create a lightbox grid EXACTLY like your “lightbox” example, where when you click on one of the pictures a box opens up beneath the first row of projects that displays more information. The default lightbox template seems to just link to a big image of whatever image I have included in the settings.

I figured out how to get the inline thing working but now it just links to the actual page. I want the small display box just like in the demo


You can watch this video on how to achieve the singlePageInline feature. If you have further questions please send me a message from my support page (I suppose you have the wp version of my plugin).

Hello, before buying it, i want to know if i can adapt the plugin in my CSS style

hi! The CSS style is pretty flexible and I can send you even the SASS version of it.

Hi, I would like to match your plugin to my site that uses this template “”, is it possible? I want to keep the style of my site.

If you are comfortable using CSS you can achieve that.

Hi, can I place several loadMore buttons with various sources of loading? Like Pagination.
<div id="..." class="cbp-l-loadMore-button">
        <a href="/items/loadmore/2/" class="cbp-l-loadMore-link" rel="nofollow">
        <span class="cbp-l-loadMore-defaultText">...</span>
        <span class="cbp-l-loadMore-loadingText">...</span>
        <span class="cbp-l-loadMore-noMoreLoading">...</span>
<a href="/items/loadmore/3/" class="cbp-l-loadMore-link" rel="nofollow">
        <span class="cbp-l-loadMore-defaultText">...</span>
        <span class="cbp-l-loadMore-loadingText">...</span>
        <span class="cbp-l-loadMore-noMoreLoading">...</span>

It is necessary for lowering of load of the server in case of a large number of the loaded elements.
And process an event of each button when elements were loaded?

hi! Sorry, no. My plugin doesn’t support that.


I’m using Metronic Template for my project, and Metronic using your great cube portfolio plugin, I have a problem. When i click on “more info” button (on each cube), a request will be send to server and get Html code, and put result html in some tags like this :

<_ div class=”cbp-popup-wrap cbp-popup-singlePage cbp-popup-singlePage-open cbp-popup-transitionend cbp-popup-singlePage-sticky cbp-popup-ready” data-action style=”display: block;”> <_ div class=”cbp-popup-content ”> _** Put my Ajax result here <_ / div> <_ / div>

(I add _ for showing tags in page for you can see ;-) )

I don’t need my result be in this Div tags, classes of this tags will make the page look a bit confusing in css style. how can tell to your plugin, don’t add this tags ?

I need just navigation and close button on top of page, and nothing else.


hi! Sorry, my plugin relies on those tags to function properly. You can’t remove them.


nirvana5 Purchased

hi I bought the plugin. No matter what I tried, display is not working. Please help. I sent you couple support email already but not heard from you.

thanks my email:

hi! Sorry for the delay. I have sent a response to your email message.

Hi, before buying, i want to make my portofolio of images and pdf files. Can this portofolio support pdf file?


Hi! Sorry, my plugin doesn’t support pdf files.


MM20142014 Purchased

how can i change the search will work only when i press enter and not every char?


bmihai Author

hi! Reply sent to your support message.