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Hi! Is there a way to control what pages show up on the single page scroll through?

For example:

If I deep link from the gallery to a given HTML document in a given folder, can it show ONLY HTML documents in that folder when the user clicks next or back?

I am trying to show ONLY HTML pages that are associated with a given link from the gallery.


hi! Sorry, my plugin doesn’t support that. I suppose you need some backend technologies to support your desired behavior and my plugin is only HTML, CSS & JS.


I got your plugin with the "unify" theme I bought. There is a bug on windowsphone with the lightbox : landscape format images are not resized to screen, it seems only the height is taken into account in the resizing, so portait format is resized correctly but with landcape format the image is not resized to fit horizontally. I have not tested on other mobile devices yet. Is this a known bug and is there a fix ? Thanks !

hi! Please send me a message from my support page. I only provide support through email.


dogboy Purchased

Hi I just updated my jquery.cubeportfolio.min.js file to the newest version 3.8.0 and things stopped working. I notice the file size is about 75kb compared to older versions are about 96kb… is something missing? Thanks.

hi! The JS file is alright at 75KB. Please be aware that you have also to update the CSS file. For more info, please send me a message from my support ticket page. I only offer support through email.


I emailed you about an issue a couple of days ago and am still waiting for a response. I included my support code which ends in *4681.


hi! Sorry for the delay. I have sent a reply to your support message.

Excellent. Solved my issue. Thank you. Great product.

Is there a way to use this more as a tabs plugin. For example I could chose to just have text instead of photos or a mix of both?

Will that work in wordpress? I downloaded the wordpress version and I don’t have the tab template available.

Will that work in wordpress? I downloaded the wordpress version and I don’t have the tab template available.

hi! sorry, the wp version doesn’t have this feature implemented yet. I have plans to add it soon.


I’m playing around with the demo before I buy. Please see my screencast:

When i put a box-shadow, the “overflow: hidden” of the cbp-wrapper-outer cuts the box-shadow. If i change for “overflow: visible”, a bug appears when I click the Load More button.

Please, tell me what can be done to resolve this problem, I am very interested in purchasing your product. Thanks

hi! You can achieve that by adding a shadow and a padding .cbp-item-wrapper container. For more info please send me a message from my support page.

I wanted to buy this plugin but has something changed in the live examples ? I don’t recall seeing this 10 days ago, but now the images in the lightboxes are not vertically centered ? The image is aligned to the bottom of the page, and we have to scroll to see the text below. Is this a bug only on my side ? When I saw the examples the first time, the images were centered in the lighbox and we did not have to scroll, everything was there image and subtitle, and with margins around.

hi! There was an issue on the demo page. Now everything is working fine.

Hello! Is the plugin support ‘reorder’ function? Something like in masonry reorder:

hi! sorry, no.

Hello, when you have multiple grids is there a way to use only one search input for all the grids?? for example:

search input (for all grids)

—Agriculture Engine (category tittle)

engine1 engine2 engine3

—Gas Engine (category tittle)

engine4 engine5 engine6

hi! sorry, no.

can I use the API to do search?? I saw there’s one for remove, what about the search?

hi! yes, there is an API for the search functionality.


Vozhik Purchased

Hi, In all themes where is used Ajax I receive the message “AJAX Error! Please refresh the page!” when the new window is comming after I push the image. How to solve this problem? Thank you in advance! Sergy


Please send me a message from my support page with more info and a link to your website. Also, please be aware that your support period is expired. You can renew it from my plugin home page.

Hi. I’m interesting in buying this plugin but before I purchase i would like to know if the grid (like this example here: – with expand option when click on thumbnail is possible with this plugin?

For example; thumbnails have slider / carousel, and when you click the thumbnail the content is expended below?

Also how do you define thumbnail expand content – is just html with id related to thumbnail?

Thanks for fast replay.

My upper question is not important any more, already bought the item.

I have another question thou – is it possible to have “lightbox gallery” in html and not in extra html file? With lightbox gallery I mean when you click thumbnail and the content is expanded below.



Yes, you can. You have an example with the `slider-projects` template. For more info please send me a message from my support page.

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dim_hatzi Purchased

hi, great work. Hi can i open a tab using jquery ? thnx

hi! I don’t really understand your question. Please send me more info from my support page.

I got your plugin in a theme. I woiuld like to change the preloader “spinning circle” graphic. Can you give me the css that sets the url for the preloader graphic?


The default spinning circle is included in the default CSS code. You should find it there. I recommend contacting the theme author for more info because he knows how my plugin have been included in that theme.

OK, I’ll do that. Thanks.

Hi, can you tell me how to do one photo in a row? I use Grid Mode Layout at Full Box template.

Another question, is it possible to disable click to open a photo function. I want to use filter and photos only with no possibility to open them.

hi! please send me a message from my support page, and I will help you through email.

Hi, is it possible to ‘mix’ the click event for a gallery. ie. On the Masonry example all thumbnails open either a photo or video. Can we have some thumbnails open a ‘project page’ as seen on the Projects example?


bmihai Author

hi! yes, you can.