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Hello bmihai,

I have an issue when placing cubeportfolio inside bootstrap tabs always appears error Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded, and runs very slowly

Please solve it, thank you.

hi! Please send me a message from my support page with a link to your website to take a look at it.

Hi, I would like to know if your plugin supports Google map? Practically all the ajax portfolio plugins I’ve tested cannot support googlmaps in the ajax external loading file. I need to input a bootstrap tabs with several gmaps in each tab and this has to sit in the external ajax file. Is that possible?


Unfortunately your use case is complicated and my plugin doesn’t support that out of the box. You have to add some code to achieve that. If you are comfortable with JS code, I don’t see any reason not to achieve it.


dogboy Purchased

Hi, do I have to pay the $12.25 to renew support just to use the Svelte tool, or is there another way? Thanks.


To use the Svelte Builds tool you need a valid support license. That is the only way to do that.

Svelte Builds tool is a feature separated from the package downloaded from codecanyon and is tight to the support license for my plugin.


dogboy Purchased

Well that’s a bummer…

hello, i purchased your plugin . Very nice!! i am using this with the inline functionality. You can see a test page here:

the inline layout that is shown on your demo under Juicy Projects is not in the plugin i purchased. here are screenshots of the inline template design.

yours template in the demo:


I want the inline template to look like yours. please help me achieve that. this is one of the reasons i purchased your plugin.

thank you.

i figured it out. i have to choose single page rather than single page inline. thank you

Hello. I purchased the unify template
The plugin is awesome, and very easy to implement. My only problem is that I don’t want to include the content from singlePageInline (or singlePage) by ajax (or xhr pure).
Is there a way to achieve that?


Hi, thanks for the answer.

I check the package, and I couldn’t find any example of “lightbox-gallery” without ajax


hi! There is the `Slider Projects` template that has implemented an example of that.

Thanks! I mixed the codes and it worked just fine

Hello. Do you have an online documentation?

Hi. Did you get my messages asking for documentation?

Hi! Yes, I sent a response yesterday. I have sent it again now. Please check also your spam folder.


siki Purchased

Hi! Is it possible to make a slider with elements in 2 rows, something like sliding grid? Thank you

hi! Sorry, my plugin doesn’t support that.

Hello! I’m quite interested in buying, but I have a question, can the single page counter turn into dots?

hi! Sorry, no.

hi does it has a sort alphabetically like mixitup? thanks

hi! I’m currently working to add sort functionality in my plugin. I hope next week to release the update.

so is it possible to use masonry layout, but have the more info buttons that projects layout has?

hi! yes, you can achieve that, You have an example in the package downloaded from codecanyon.

Quick question: on your FAQ example you have the animation go up and fade and go down and fade, how do you do that? for me it just disappears and then fade in.

hi! please send me a message from my support page with a link to your website to take a look at it.

Hi! My problem is that I’ve builded cubeportfolio into my website with 13 flat-mosaic screens shown. Lightbox gallery only shows 8 screens, counter also shows from 1 to 8. How I can have the all screens working on the lightbox as well?

hi! Please send me a link from my support page to your website to take a look at it.


I discover your fantastic extension, I buy it, I begin to do my portfolio with it, but I have a problem, I don’t have the sliding effect when I clic on the buttom, I enter directly on a page. Can you help me please:

Regards Bruno

hi! please send me a message from my support page and we will continue the conversation there. I don’t usually offer support on this comment thread.

Your plugin came package with a theme I purchased from this website. I want to have two buttons in the “caption” that links to pages on my website without opening a lightbox. I saw your blog post example, where you wrapped it in an “a” but with two buttons that’s not something usable. And without wrapping the whole thing in an “a” I get “hei! your clicked element doesn’t have a href attribute.”. How can this be achieved?

nevermind! got it to work!

My client having the issue of loading cube items Please check the above url and let me send the solution. Waiting for response



Please update to the latest version of my plugin (4.3.0), and if you still have this issue, please send me a message from my support page. Also, be aware that your support license is expired. Please renew it.

Thanks for your reply. i will renew support licence.

will mail you if i face the same issue.

Thanks! :)

Is there a way to show video’s that are self hosted and not on youtube and vimeo?

hi! yes, you can show self host videos.

Hi! Can you tell me pls how to make full width single photo slider? I cant figure it out ((( thx!

hi! Please send me an email from my support page. I don’t usually offer support through this comment thread.

Hola, compre el plugin pero al momento de instalarlo en mi wordpress (plantilla sydney) no me permite descomprimirlo sabes a que se deba el error ??


You bought a jQuery plugin, and this type of plugin (jQuery plugins) can’t be installed on a WordPress website.


Or not my intention was to buy the plugin for wordpress because I’m newbie when it comes to jquery code and versions to implement my web, you can do something to change the product and if it can be inserted in my web would have to add anything else?? Or another solution could give me since I obviously got confused at the time of purchase because we wanted the plugin for wordpress

I hope your answer or solution

kind regards,

hi! reply sent to your email message


amateur56 Purchased


1).. You posted 2 years ago “Yes, I have plans to add pagination pretty soon (2-3 weeks).” I guess it cant be done if so can you let me know so I can get one that does – coz the scripts no good if there is 200+ images to add -


2).. The menu at top (search really) only saerches whats already viewed on screen so if they search before they “load more” on the 1st page and there is no image they are looking for its really a waste of time is it not??

3).. Where/how do I change the gallery to more than 4 across?


1. I had to postpone the pagination feature. Right now I don’t have a schedule when I will add it. Please send me an email from my support page to take a look at your website and see if we can find a solution for your use case.

2. I know about this limitation and I will resolve it in a future update. Unfortunately, isn’t an easy fix it because I have to change a lot of things in my plugin.

3. From the `mediaQueries` option when you initialize the plugin. For more info please read the documentation file under `Options` section.