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I really like your plugin, one of the best on the market. I am currently working on a WP plugin project for a Church. I would like to use this jQuery plugin to display grid items for sermons/articles. My question is about the license. We consider releasing this WP plugin to the public (free to use). What kind license do we need to get?


Please send me an email from my support page with more info about your WP plugin plans. We will continue this discussion over email.


We’re having an issue with this plugin. On the latest version of Firefox, the grid in which we contain items that we dinamically add, renders prematurely at only 150px height. The items in the grid also render with incorrect top values (only around 36px distance from each other). Resizing the page by even 1px resolves this issue. Our app is based on AngularJS. This problem doesn’t seem to occur often (if at all) in Chrome. Is there a way to force the recalculation manually?

Thanks in advance for your help!

hi! Please send me an email from my support page with a link to your website to take a look at it.

Sent! Thanks very much.

Hello! I got the slider through Unify theme from wrapbootstrap and there is a slight issue, if I have any fullwidth revslider embedded on my page, the singlepage navigation stickyness does not stay for some reason, scrolling down makes the navigation and close button disappear. I am not sure if it is you or them who need to look into it :/

Oh gosh, they haven’t licensed it through you? Sorry for the news then :/

They sold like 25k of that theme so there might be a good reason for you to contact them :))))

From what I know they have a valid license for my product, although I will check again if everything is ok.

Hi, I like this plugin feature that do animation of ajax loading page. Is it possible to attach ajax loading feature to a single button/a ? Thanks

hi! I’m sorry, but I don’t really understand what you mean by `to a single button/a`. Please send me a message from my support page with more info about your question.

Hi, thanks for your reply, I have submitted my question via your support page

Hi, I purcase the plugin and it works very well! compliments. I just have a little question, as you can see here if you open a project, image are full screen. I’d like to see image more little on the left and description of the project on the right. How to do it?


Please send me a message from my wp support page, and I will help you. I only provide support via email.

Also, please be aware that you purchased the wp version of Cube Portfolio and this thread is the for the jQuery version.

Is it possible to somehow use different height pictures with caption/wrap? A max height of X would be okay but then the wrapper cuts the text off the base the image and looks not too cool. Is there a class for having cubeportfolio stay responsive but not let larger width than 300px for example and the aspect ratio-according height of that 300? (even if there would be more of the height of the image, it’d be simply cut off at the cutoff point of 300/XXX)

Actually I found out the issue, I am using your “1px gif” method as recommended in the documentation for many-many images.

Now, the problem with this is regardless the fact I am stating proper width and height, the grid always “shrinks” them a bit after the picture is loaded, making vertical gaps all around the place, largers than the originally set ones. If i remove the 1px gif and put the source to the original file and not the data-cbp-src then the grid correctly detects everything and does not leave a huge gap verticlaly between cbp-item-’s.

How can I use the recommended method as to initialize the content wrappers and the image off the set width and height?

Thanks, wonderful plugin btw, loving the singlepage option :)

Edit: Now that you mentioned I probably got the plugin with a theme without your knowledge, I am most probably purchasing it here as well because it rocks. One question:

The new load more features you have implemented are not present in my version before buying obviously, is it possible to use the search function to include the “load more” remaining items as well, or it just searches the ones displayed on the page already? Obviously the search is kindof useless if it does not verbose through all titles/descriptions.

hi! Please contact me from my support page. I only offer support through email. Also, please include a link to your website in that message.

Hello! I just purchased this plugin and tried to install it but it failed. This is the message that I get: Unpacking the package… Installing the plugin… The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed. Return to Plugins page. I followed the instructions of the video. Can you help me to fix this? I work with Wordless 4.7.2. Thanks!


You have purchased a jQuery plugin, not a wp plugin. You can’t install a jQuery plugin into wp. Please contact me from my support page and we will find a solution for your problem.

The update made the loadmore funciton work incorrectly if there is a search function involved. if you do a search without clicking/autoing all the remaining items before doing the search, it will default to NO MORE ITEMS immediately. I have sent you an error report on it with a sample. Please respond on the rest of the queries as well that I have sent. Even if there are no search results and you cancel out the search, it still goes back to NO MORE to load although there should be items left.

Also, please make sure the search function can read all the items (without actually loading the images yet) if the search function fires, otherwise it has no meaning if there are many items (which is the point to work with search…) I am sure you can buffer 2-300 titles/descriptions/widths-heights if a search fires and load only the ones that are relevant…It’d be a huge optimization and feature with a tiny bit of work.

The funny thing is 2 versions before setting the AUTO version for loadmore actually made the search load everything in and do the search (with a few problems I have sent you animations about) and now it does not even load anything so it’s less good :(

Much appreciated!

hi! Thanks for your feedback. I sent a response to your support message.

Pre Purchase Question: I want to put your projects grid in a Popup when the visitor enters the website. Is that possible?

hi! Yes, it’s possible to do that. You have to initialise my plugin after the popup plugin finishes its initialization.

hi! sorry, no.The last three items in your grid can’t be achieved because the gap between the items, in my plugin, isn’t responsive.

I have the following filter and I want the page to default to this filter when the page opens: EFPM However, when I refresh the page, the plugin shows me all videos not just the ones that are EFPM. I am using the masonary-projects item. Please let me know how to get the plugin to default to EFPM. I have removed the data-filter=”*” but it still defaults to all my videos. Thanks!


Sorry my code is being removed. I have the active filter assigned as div data-filter=”.efpm” class=”cbp-filter-item-active cbp-filter-item”

Sorry figured it out changing the jscript, ....thanks bmihai.

I have loaded 100 mp4 videos using several filter buttons. Works excellent with the pop up video lightbox. However, how do I code for all videos to autoplay?Adding autoplay in the video string doesnt seem to work. Thanks!


Please send me an email from my support page with a link to your website to take a look at it. We will continue this discussion over email.

Regarding the video count on the lightbox. On the far bottom right hand corner, you have a running total of videos, such as 12 of 27. Is there a way to remove this counter. Also for some reason, I have 56 videos loaded under one filter but this bottom counter is saying “27”. If I use the > button to forward through the filters buttons it gets to the #27 video and starts over. Its not recognizing videos 28-56??


Please send me an email from my support page with a link to your website to take a look at it. We will continue this discussion over email.

Hi. Is it possible to have anchor link which loads ajax (singlePage)? I’ve tried but there is a whole mess around anchor. So I want only that when you click on link (single link) the “projectDetails” is showen.



Sorry, I don’t really understand your question. Please send me a message from my support page with more info about it.

With simple jQuery you should be able to do it Squaster…

Some people were asking about the resizing the images so I share my solution,

Thanks for the post. I really appreciate your effort.

Hello, a quick question, im getting this console error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'widthInitial' of undefined at CubePortfolio.getColumnsAuto (jquery.cubeportfolio.js:594)

do you have any idea of what might be wrong?

Thanks for your help.

hi! Please send me a message from my support page with a link to your website to take a look at it.