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I need some helpful tips to achieve this. How do i get my cube portfolio filter menus showing on the left side (similar to a left side bar menu) > vertically like the example here I have both the wp version and the jquery version of the plugin. I started tweaking the CSS but anytime i do so it affects the styling of other filters.

hi! Reply sent to your support message.

OK thanks. I requested some further details. Can you please refer and get back to me. if possible.?

I m executing appenditems multiple times like this but its not working

var htmlContent =  test ; //cbp item
$.each(list, function (index, list) {
$("#projects").cubeportfolio('appendItems', htmlContent);

only updated one time. i need grid to get add new elements for no of items in list array. Please help as soon as possible

hi! reply sent to your support message.


elemis Purchased

We just purchased an extended license of this item. Could you please get back to us whether if you grant us permission to use your product on our template? Thanks in advance.

hi! response sent to your support message.

Hey there, having issue with the portfolio hanging on load and not displaying any boxes. Only having this issue with Chrome. Possible issues?

hi! Please send me a message from my support page with a link to your website so I can take a look at it.

Hi, In the demo, when sharing a portfolio page using the Facebook share option, It does not show the portfolio item on Facebook, it just shows a image and link of the whole website. This means that people cannot share individual portfolio items on Facebook using your plugin. How can this be fixed?

hi! Unfortunately, Facebook disabled the option to choose a link and picture when you use the sharer method. This can not be fixed.


How do i upload images if i have 100 images. I need to write html on page or just indicate the folder with all images?

hi! You have to add HTML code for all the images.

Nice plugin but i’m having a weird problem. I sent you a support request.

Seem that the full width mosaic galerie isnt loading right. I have to resize the window to make the grid redo the layout.

On the other hand i think this is a proble that the script need to load all the images … what can be done with image loaded….

Do you have an example code (js) of your script added to imageloaded?

I use most of the time isotope + imagesloaded but i like the style of your script but i want to test before moving my clients into it.

Unfortunately, the wow js plugin interfere with my plugin algorithm and can’t work together. I recommend removing the data-wow-delay attribute from my plugin HTML code and see if the issue persists.

I’m not using wow js. So as long we dont want to use image specific size the script isnt working on first load?

example code (where $thumbURL is the wordpress Thumbnail url) \\ ... Without caching (first page load): Should be like that :

Sorry for the wow reference. It was a mistake on my part.

If you use the lazy-load (data-cbp-src attribute) feature, the width & height attributes must be specified in the HTML.


I’m considering purchasing the Cube Portfolio – Responsive jQuery Grid Plugin. I’d like to know whether or not the grid content is and/or could be loaded from an XML file or does it need to be coded inline?

Please advise

hi! You can load content from an XML file with some custom logic, but I recommend to add the content with HTML.


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Can I open a webpage on a light box, the page has the player with playlist. This is the page I want tto popup as lightbox:

hi! Sorry, no. My plugin doesn’t support this feature.


nefchan Purchased

You can see the test I am doing .. click on the first thumbnail.. “La Oracion” test2 here:

hi! Sorry, no. My plugin doesn’t support this feature.