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Nice game my friend! ; -)

thank you!

Amazing, all your games are of great quality. I really like your work! Success!!!

thank you!!!! :D

Hi, congrats on another great game! However, there is a major bug in the game. If the ninja sort of “falls” into the gap using revers gravity, it simply goes up to the sky and the game simply gets stuck there with no view of the ningja or any path. And the player therefore has no choice but to use the pause button to restart the game. In such cases, the game should obviously be over immediately. Please have this fixed and package updated asap!

hi!thank you for pointing it out, we’ll check the game and release an update asap, you’ll get a notification from codecanyon

Has the update fixing this bug been submitted? Looking forward to the fix. Thanks.

hi! we have already submitted the update, you’ll get a notification by envato asap

Can you make trivia movie game?

hi! currently we haven’t planned to create such a game but we’ll take into account your advice for future releases

how up Construct2 to ios

I created games on ios through c2 and XDK. Do not play games

hi! we replied to your pm

music during game over made me laugh , interesting game :)

thank you very much!!! :D

Wonderful work!!! Looking forward to purchase it soon!