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Very interesting…. I do have 2 questions -

I am currently using adsense and just to double check, this wouldn’t break any of adsense’s terms of use, correct?

Also, and I don’t want to sound like a naysayer or anything like that, I’m just curious, do you know of any online studies done that would show that something like this improves ctr?


Hallo idkzhang, i placed my answer in the wrong place, please see below.

Thanks for the response and the link, good to know about the other site. I’ll have to do a bit more research, to stay on the safe side – but if all goes well, I’ll be making a purchase. Thanks again.

can you make it also for html sites?

Hallo 4Pakistan, yes i’m planning to create a javascript version that works without wordpress, follow my profile to stay updated on my new items.

The JavaScript version of this product is now available here in CodeCanyon, check out the CTR Enhancer JS official page.

I like it. It would be nice if you added a smoother easing effect, like a quick fade.

Hallo, if you need this feature you have simply to change 2 lines of code in ctr-enhancer/js/general.js:

//display the mask

//display the bar


//display the mask

//display the bar

I don’t have added the fadeIn effect as a default behavior because in my opinion an istant reaction to the hover event is a little bit better, but you can do it and as you can see it’s very easy to implement.

Hi, just bought this plugin and am failing to set it up. Please show me how to set up an adsense code with text which comes up as the mose hover over the ad. (Just as in the demo). Thanx

Hallo StartupBotswana and thanks for purchasing, i’ve just added new examples in the Support area of this item.

Check out the FAQ related to the question “How to use CTR Enahncer with AdSense with a custom message related to the ad”, use that code and replace the generic adsense code with your adsense code, then set the size of the ad in the main div inline style, in my example i’ve used a little AdSense ad of 125×125.

<div class="ctr-enhancer" style="width: 125px; height: 125px;">

Simply enter your ad width and heigth, if for example you are using an ad of 300×250 proceed like this:

<div class="ctr-enhancer" style="width: 300px; height: 250px;">

Hope this helps.

Hey, I like your plugin! But if I had activated “W3 Total Cache” it doesnt work anymore! Can you help me?

Hello operi1 and thanks for purchasing, please contact me directly with the contact form in my profile and link me your website with both the plugins activated, so i can inspect your website.

Hi i am using OIO Publisher for serving ads on my website and ctr enhancer seems not to work with it. When i place the code on OIO Pub the ad shows but without the ctr functionality; and when i place the code on a ad widget on the sidebar the ad shows including the ctr enhancer functionality. Any solution to this problem?

Hello, please contact me with the contact form in my profile with a link to a page with the problem. Tomorrow I’ll be able to test it and provide you more information.

I have sent the link. Thanx

Fantastic idea!


Good luck with sales.

Thank you Bestigorek.

support mobile or not

The hover event that triggers the mask and the related message with touch devices occurs only when a user click on an element, so this plugin supports mobile devices but at the same time is completely useless for mobile devices. I hope this makes sense, if not feel free to ask.

Hi, I have a pre purchased question : Do we have to use the div class in worpress page edit only ? Or we can use it in FTP page edit also ?


Hello neskur, basically you can wrap your advertising in a div with the ctr-enhancer class wherever you want, i mean posts/pages/custom-posts, widget area with an html text widget o also in the template files of your wordpress theme.

i ask on adsense forums and this plugin is bad for adsense accounts mus be banned i buy a copy today but now i can use it

Hello wilmeraduran, i provide a generic tool that can be used with various advertising programs or referral programs and not a plugin specifically created for AdSense.

In the item description under the Important Notice paragraph my statement is: “read them ( the terms and policies ) carefully before using this plugin in your website”, basically i provide a tool and it’s up to you how you use it.

In the item description another statement is “CTR Enhancer has been technically tested with simple referral programs ( like the envato referral program ) and with Adsense” “technically” means that i tested this plugin in terms of functionalities, i’m not saying that you are authorized to use it with AdSense or other advertising programs.

Anyway to avoid this misundertanding in the future, i’m going to remove every reference to adsense in the item description.

I want to use “Georgia” font in italic form. Well i can write georgia in the font family tab but how do i make it italic?

I am using WP PRO Advertising system and it doesn’t work well with CTR enhancer when placing ads on external websites via iframe. Any idea on how to resolve this?

Both solutions worked, thank you very much.

But there is a little problem with the second solution. When i place ctr enhancer container outside the iframe container the footer of my theme which is full-width becomes boxed.

Hello olebileog, can you please send me a link via my profile contact, so I can see this behavior, inspect the page and give you more info.

Link sent

interet on your plug, but i need stats of click or views

have this features ?


Hello EvoRod,

this plugin doesn’t generate any stats.

If you need more info feel free to ask.

Thabks for answer