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Hi, I have a preview problem. iPad does not display the background image, (either on safari or chrome) Regards Luca

Hi, thanks for purchasing… First, let me know your web address. So, I can help to check. Kindest Regards

Hello, just bought your module. Can I please have the HTML code for the text samples you have in the demo? Thank you

Dear, thanks for puchasing my module. You can download it through this link : http://citythemez.net/demo/ctparallax/htmlcode_demo.zip

Dear Jundi, Thank you very much for your very fast response an for the HTML codes. I have one more question. When I put 2 of the same parallax modules on my front page it shows the same photo and not 2 different as I have set as background. Is there something I have to do so it shows 2 different? Thank you

Dear, If you want to duplicate this module, then you should add “Module Class Suffix” to distinguish. You can put whatever Class Suffix, up to you but without space… You can find “Module Class Suffix” on “Advanced” tab. Kindest Regards

hi, i have a problem.

I have enabled the parallax module on a page which has your other joomla module CTAvatar – Joomla! User Module

and if affects the other module ( it throughs the avatars out of alignment into a vertical list of icons)

please see here:


please help thanks

please email me as i don’t want to post the details here

my email is info@damaskmedia.com

Hi, it’s done… Please check it… Thanks

Hey Jundi many thanks for that! Your the Best!


after module activation, the menu no longer fixed top. what can I do?


Hi, thanks for purchasing. Could I get your web address ? I need to see the problem directly, so i can try to fix it.

Web Site www.demo1.thailand-reise-blog.de Template is PRI Simple/Helix.

I just checked it. Your top menu contains Class “animated”, You can remove it or add class fadeIn on the header. Or maybe you can give me access to your file then I can help you. Thanks

I a have a problem, ctparallax not is fluid in my web. http://www.jollscomputer.com/la-empresa

Thanks for your purchased. It’s caused by your theme layout. You should modify the layout theme or trying to find another position. It’s like frame of photo. The module is like photo and layout theme is a frame.

help to me a modify the layout theme

Please give me access to your hosting. You can sent your account to my email. Here is my email : jundullah05@gmail.com

I have a problem

after entering the code does not display an animation

please help

I look there is no problem. The animation is working well.

the problem is when I am logged in as admin and the page is disabled the problem disappears when you turn the page

Sorry, i don’t understand. what do you mean with the page is disabled and turn the page. Or maybe you can give me account to trying the same with you.’ve done

HI, how would embed a vimeo video in the parallax module?

If you want to embed third party like youtube, vimeo, google maps, etc, then you need to Turn off the default editor. Because, by default joomla editor will remove some HTML tags like OBJECT or iFRAME. If you try to copy & past some code Joomla will remove it automatically after you save your changes. To turn of the default editor, you can go to Global Configuration Page on your joomla administrator, and Select “Editor – None” as Editor. After that you can grab your “embed” code from Vamio. Kindest Regards

Hi thanks, I managed to get it working but the movie ends up taking the whole of the module instead of staying in its small size. How can I get the video to stay the size defined in the code?

Actually, I am not familiar with Vimeo code because in my country Vimeo can’t be access. But, I believe it like Youtube or google maps, there is a pixel size for displaying the video. Would you share your link