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Great Work! Good Luck With Selling :)

thank you!!! :D

Good work… Good luck for your sale…

Team CloudBerriez

thank you!!! :D

Congrats! GLWS – DCSF

thank you!!!

Does this work with WooCommerce 3.1+?

Oh and does it work for Product Variation SKU’s?

Pre-sale: 1- This plugin will add the feature to search for SKU to my search box. Am I right? Take a look at how my search box works:

2- Does it search for partial sku. Let’s say I have a product SKU: “abc-123”. Will this plugin find the product if I just search for “abc”.


The update regarding the research for partial SKU has been already approved :)

Thanks, just to be sure: this plugin allow the visitors to search in the frontend? Am I right?

Hello, I just installed your plugin, but it doesn’t work.

You can check it in our site:

1- take a look at the SKU of this product: 87-1344-06 ( )

2- Do a search with the complete SKU :”87-1344-06”. It works.

3- Do a search with a part of the SKU : “1344”. It doesn’t work

What are we missing here? Do we need to reindex the products? How?

Other question: when you do a search the results show all the variations as different items. Can you do to show only the product (just the first variation)?

Hello, Did you get my email?

Hi, yes, we replied right now

Nice plugin. Great support!

thank you!!!