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Hello, nice work! Is it also filtering K2 items, so we can list our K2 categories on top like you did?



Dear zivuska, I am pleased to inform you the new updated of this module. Now, It has supported K2 component. Thanks

Yhank you Jundi. We will have a closer look on your plugin.



Ok, Thank You :-)

Hello jundi.I have set the module to filter articles by category but it doesn’t work on the site.In the chrome console we have two errors: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘opera’ of undefinedjquery.isotope.min.js:9 (anonymous function)jquery.isotope.min.js:9 (anonymous function) Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘msie’ of undefinedscript.js:60 (anonymous function)jquery.min.js:2 m.extend.eachjquery.min.js:2 m.fn.m.eachscript.js:58 $.fn.asmenu2009-07-21-10-07-39.html:328 (anonymous function)jquery.min.js:2 m.Callbacks.jjquery.min.js:2 m.Callbacks.k.fireWithjquery.min.js:2 m.extend.readyjquery.min.js:2 J I would very much appreciate you if you help me resolve this.I think your module is much better than the wsportfolio isotope item.Please contact me on skype:webforcoins so we can resolve this.I would very much like to give you a nice review for this item and I don’t want to be forced to ask for refund. Appreciate your help!

Hi, Thanks for your purchase this item. It my pleased to help you. Let me know your website, so I can check it directly

Hello jundi.The problem was fixed.It was related with old isotope.js integrated in the template I was using.Upon removing it everything start working.I am impressed with your response time.Will have that review for you sometime soon!

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have problem. Thanks again for using this module. I am waiting for your rate :-)

Hi Jundi, nice plugin but it can be better with these two options: - Adjstable filter order: to set a personal order of categories on the filter; - “Load more” options to load more posts from the category selected on filter;

Best regards

Hi Marcow8, thanks for your good advice and purchasing. I will try to add that feature ini the next release version.

Kindest Regards

Hi Jundi. A ‘load more’ option would be a great addition to this module… I will ‘follow’ you to see if this is implemented in the future. The this will possibly be a good module for me to buy.

Ok, thanks for the advice, I will keep you updated, so stay tuned :-)

Hi, now CTIsotop has support Load More function :-)

Hi Jundi,

Presale question – Really like the look of the plugin. And looks to be only one that allows filtering by multiple sources (http://isotope.metafizzy.co/filtering.html#combination-filters). Even with custom mod quotes, no one seems to be able to implement this.

1) is the authors filter based on article author? Or could I say make them products and modify the string for it? Would it be possible to filter by say tags as well as category?

2) Would it be possible for a single article to belong to more than 1 Author/product?

Kind Regards, Jason

Hi Jundi,

Just following up on the ability to filter by tags also? Do you have an estimated time of when this feature will be added?

Regards, Jason

Hi Jundi,

Any update on the ability to be able to filter by tags and an estimate on how many days/weeks/months away it is? Purchase was made on the basis this was possible?

If it is already possible in the current build with some modifications, could you please advise what I would need to do?

Dear, I’d like to inform you. Now, the module has already supported filtering by Joomla article tags.

Was wondering if it is possible to put modules inside the article and the grid still working properly?

Thanks for your advice… I’ll info you once its ready

Hello, Ive bought your module, but I have a problem, I installed a plugin multi- category on K2, but your module does not take into account , how do because some of our products have to go in several categories must :s

Yes, the tags is still from Joomla article not K2.

So that does not respond to my request of last month … All my items K2 already exist…

Hi, I am glad to inform you that now CTisotop is ready for K2 tags

Quite disappinted… My client has bought this module on my advice and I installed it in the site of my client. In the backend I had to see, that the width of the grid items has to be set in PIXEL. Now how out of time is this?

When I have a good width for laptop, it looks bad on a smarthone.

A good advice from my site: Change the pixel in percent and create the option to set different widths for different viewports. The essentail grid for WordPress has this option implemented.

Consicedering the fact, that you take €20 for this module, your approach is quite unporfessional.

It is also bad behaviour to set these kind of styles inside the HTML-tag. You should create a css.php file in which the values of the webmaster are inserted dynamically.

Unbelievable that one has to pay so much money for so little value!


Rob van Linda

Thank You for purchasing this item and also your advice. I am sorry for the inconvenience. Yes, this item is still using pixel to defined the width, because at the time, this is the best way for the width and I have tried for the mobile and it’s work properly no issue regarding the responsive.

However I just checked and you are right, there is issue on the responsive. It seems, there is any version updated on the isotope plugin. So, I have to updated this module to make it align with the isotope version.

Kindest Regards


I would like to inform you that now the grid has already in percent. So, it’s ready for responsive layout.

Kindest Regards

Hy, Thank you for your work. I need to change english word to french word like “Read more” to “En savoir Plus” Do you have a french language plug-in or where can I do change some english words ?

Thank you Sincerely, LC

Hi Laurent, thanks for your comment. You can change the language by yourself. Open file en-GB.mod_ct_isotop.ini in the directory ”...\language\en-GB”

Hi, the module is not working as expected,,, There is comething wrong… as you can see at:


amin 2016Mudar

and at the admin of the module, I cant unmark options like SORTING AND FILTERING itens… They let me mark itens like (Title , Date, Category, Hits,Author ) but they dont let me to unmark..

Can you help asap?


Hi Brenot,

I just checked on your web. You are using T3 Framework. You should add CSS on your template to fix it. Here is the CSS :

.img-isotop img { max-width: 100% }

Regarding the Shorting and filtering setting, there is CSS conflict with the T3.

If you don’t mind I can help you to put that CSS and fix it on your template. Please share your admin account to access it.

Thanks & Regards

Jundi, send me your email to brenot@gmail.com so I can send you the credentials


Also having issue with Helix Framework

Can I know your email? I want to attach some information related to that case.

I sent you email. Did you get it?

Hi, I didn’t find the page anymore. Could you share where is the page that contain this module ?

I count the items and the total are 16 items. As you informed before that you set the total per load is 17

I count the items and the total are 16 items. As you informed before that you set the total per load is 17.

sir 16 or 17 its not a big deal it just load all items not only the limit count

No, I don’t miss. 11 images was counted from backend https://postimg.org/image/tmgzrrnuh/

and the total items are 12 not 11

yes 12 and have 8 images not 12 images see http://demo.citythemez.net/ctisotop/ i dont mean images in articles see your example where is the 12 image ?

This module seems to work well except for what I consider a major flaw (or I am missing a setting somewhere).

I am using Style 2 and have the K2 categories filtering properly. But when you click a “Read More” it loads the full K2 item and retains all the masonry at the top of the page. It really just needs to click to the item and clear all the masonry. You can’t even tell the article has loaded. Of course this is because it is loading the article into the menu assignment, but surely you can wipe out the masonry when you actually load something? Or am I missing something here? Thank you. Chris

Hi, Could you share your email, so I can sent you the file update.


it’s possible to use speficic category articles and Tag to this category ?


Hi, Thank you for purchasing this module. I am sorry, that’s impossible because that’s different source between category and tags. Best Regards

hello and good morning from germany. i installed it and configured it like i want. But it looks strange. i looked at the css also and saw no important overrides. i just started this website: http://neu.konfetti-kitchen.de

Thanks for support. Daniel

Hi, thanks for purchasing ctisotop. Could you give me access to Administrator page? So, I can check it. Just sent me your admin account to jundullah05@gmail.com

HI , I bought Your module. My purchased code is : 6378285c-ae67-4559-a8cb-136d46eecf9c

I install You module in Joomla 3.7 but this module not work. Can You help me ?


thanks, Krzysztof

Hi, thanks for purchasing this module. To help me identify and solve the problem, would you to share your website and also administrator account to my email (jundullah05@gmail.com). So, I can help you to check your setting and fix it. Thanks


I have bought this module today and its not working its not laying out the columns correctly its only showing one column how comes?

I have enabled the category but would also like to have the page title shown also with or without the category

the documentation files should be in the download area. but it’s okay, you can download it through this link https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OMn5UJaduZaky0DHgjTPIXa46kQAdPD6

Hi I just noticed today the module picks disabled or unpublished and trashed items especially on K2 which it should not . How comes. Is it possible to please correct this?

Hello I’m interested in your product but I need you to answer me 2 questions

Does this extension Orders the items by their backoffice category order initially, and does it have a Keyword search filter? Thanks in advance!