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Sample CSV and XML – Can I see?

looks really useful- I’m excited to start playing with it :D

Thank you, and feel free to post your uses for the class. :D

can you send an example of CSV with configuration to see ? I tried some without success

Very interested in this but I can’t get the demo to work, if I provide you with a test CSV file would be able to convert it to prove it works? The CSV I have is VERY large!

DEMO does NOT work.

Yes it does, I just tried it. Could you tell me wich values you used?

Can the demo work for big size(80KB) of csv file? I tried but did not work. Nothing showed actually


I’m trying to convert an external csv but getting the following error

DOMException: Invalid Character Error in C:\wamp\www\SITE\csv2xml\class\csv2xml.php on line 108

I have french special characters in the CSV such as à è …

Any idea on what is causing this error.


I changed a little bit the code :

 require_once ("csv2xml/class/csv2xml.php");
  $ctx = new csv2xml;
  $url = '';
  $del = ';';
  $node = 'leg';
  $nodes = 'date heure depart arrivee critere via distance tparcours champsutilis tauxdispo tmoyen';
  $root = 'legs';
  echo "";
  echo nl2br(str_replace(array("<", ">", " "), array("<", ">", " "), $ctx->convert_string($url, $del, $node, $nodes, $root)));
  echo "”;

Actually I having this :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>

Seems like the nodes are not recognized, And can’t figure out how to correctly define the “nodes” variable in my code .

Thanks for any help.

I have lost my preview links by changing server. But don’t worry, all scripts still work! :)


I have this code and this does not work.. does nothing.

//Create an object 
    require (""); 
    $c = new csv2xml; 

    //You can call a function by placing a -> after the 
    //variable name and after that the name of the function 
    //and the parameters. 
    $url = "";
    $delimiter = chr(59);
    $nodename = "Product";
    $nodes =  array("campo1", "campo2", "campo3", "campo4");
    $root = "Dropshipping";

    $c->convert_url($url, $delimiter, $nodename, $nodes, $root);

Do you can help me please?