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hello i got a warning when i run this project “Notice: Undefined variable: output in C:\xampp\htdocs\csv\index.php on line 104” what should i improve this error code? thanks

When do this error occurs? Thanks

Why if I load a file with 20,000 records, this is not loaded? And If I load the same file with 1,000 recors cut, it is loaded?


Hi! Maybe your PHP configurations does not have enough memory? Drop me an email at so I may have some more details! Thanks

does this work with csv from excel? what limitation does this have? I bought a script from someone from portugal too, you should look for him and make it desapear!

Hi, it will work with any CSV. In some cases you will have to change the separator in the code, but I can help you with that later if needed. I’m not sure what you meant about, but I’m not a magician to make someone disappear :)

Is there a pure javascript version of this. I need to implement into system where it is not a simple task task with php.

I don’t know if something like that exists, but I’m pretty sure I would be able to create it for you.

I was wondering if you upload a CSV to a database table and then upload another CSV that happens to have duplicate information is their some kind of check to prevent duplicates inside the database table ?

The code is not ready to do that, but it is a pretty simple tweak. You can use “ON Duplicate key” mysql option.

hello I want to buy your script but first I want to understand a few things. I have a csv file from different database tables your script is adapting to my database?

I bought this program I export data in csv file but I can not load them into my database, could you help me? I pay you for the work

It’s free as it is a simple tweak that you can do :) Go to csvmanage.php lines 55 and 98, change the ’;’ for ’,’

does not work

Hey great job!!, how I can show csv whit headers?


how so? I think you could use the csvdata array, the keys would be the header name. but I think that you can find an example on the demo!

Hi, I have a problem with import character with accents on first char (e.g.: “abcd?” – is work ok but “?abcd?” insert only “abcd?” – without first special character). Where is problem? Thanks.

Not sure, but I’ll check it! Thanks!


I came back to your script after about 4 years and now have a problem.

I’m using it to generate an array using this 3 row test file:

first,last,title,email,phone,mobile testfirst,testlast,testtitle,,01747 812648,01747 648812 testfirst2,testlast2,testtitle2,,01747 812648,01747 648812

CSV manager generates this array:

Array ( [0] => Array ( [0] => first [1] => last [2] => title [3] => email [4] => phone [5] => mobile ) [1] => Array ( [0] => testfirst [1] => testlast [2] => testtitle [3] => [4] => 01747 812648 [5] => 01747 648812 testfirst2 [6] => testlast2 [7] => testtitle2 [8] => [9] => 01747 812648 [10] => 01747 648812 ) )

This does not look right to me as it does not break between the second and third records and results in only two rows being imported instead of three.

Is there something wrong with my test csv file?

I believe that your CSV is wrong, at least you’r missing a comma before “testfirst2”. Thanks for purchasing :)

Hey masterart – I sent u an email (cos I thought that was the way to go) about a problem – I exported a database using your script, then after adding column headers, tried to import it back into the same structure – but it failed?

Di you get the email or shall I send again?


I’m sorry, I was away for a while due to some personal problems. I’ll check your email now :) Thanks for purchasing

hey masterart! i need a little support, how can i contact u? thanks in advance

I’m sorry for the delay, you can drop me a mail to fabiojgrocha at :)

Can this be integrated in “Laravel CMS – CRUD Builder – Administrator “

As it is I don’t believe soo. But with adaptation it’s possible.

Is there a way to automate this to upload the csv to table every 15 minutes. Like a possible cron job?

Yes, you’ve to create a script calling the import and to create a cron to call that script

Hi friend, this product is a script to synchronize a catalog by ftp, for example?

Hello, no it isn’t, I’m sorry!

Hello is it possible to create a deferent html page for each line of my csv file?

Hello, good work so far. How can I skip the first two lines of my CSV as they are headers?


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Good day. Just got this now. I though the export to csv from database will report as many columns. But everything report at column A of the csv file.

Help me please