CSV Import & CSV Export

CSV Import & CSV Export

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CSV Import & Export - The easiest and the fastest import & export application on the web!

CSV Import & Export

The easiest & the fastest import & export application on the web!

Update 23 april 2018: if you are having issues using our software on a old hosting server, we offer you secure hosting services for one year after you bought extra support up to 12 months, specifically for using our software!

CSV Import & Export is a web application that allows you to import and export CSV files from and to your SQL database. It has unique features that will boost the overall application speed, and also will allow a really quick configuration, so you can start right away!


This product was developed to import and export information from or to a database in a matter of seconds, using a .CSV file. CIE not only uses drag and drop features to increase speed, but also detects the CSV fields automatically, so it will save you time to sort that out as well. And final, we use a intelligent and unique system that will improve the speed of the technical process dramatically.


  • Quick installation.
  • Small footprint – no database needed for the application.
  • Intuitively interface.
  • Drag & drop files.
  • Super fast file upload (10x faster than others).
  • Automatically find CSV file configurations.
  • Automatic column mapping.
  • Rows and conditions filter.
  • Insert, update or delete duplicates entries.
  • Super fast import and export.
  • Multiple charset support.
  • Detailed log files.
  • Responsive.
  • Bootstrap compatible.
  • Outstanding support at our own support forum.
  • Detailed documentation.
  • Narrated video tutorials.


  • PHP >= v5.2.
  • No database needed for the CSV Import & Export itself to run.
  • MySQL database – for the database that you want to import or export.

Change Log

v1.1.0 (28 January 2018)
  • Conditional filter
v1.0.0 (3 January 2018)
  • Import list
  • Import
  • Import log
  • Export list
  • Export
  • Export log
  • Settings
  • Bootstrap compatible