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Buenas tardes,

No consigo que el módulo importe nada, por más que cambio la configuración….


puedes mandarme por pm acceso y lo verifico

PM enviado. Gracias.

OPEN BASEDIR DISABLED. Contact your host to enable Login on Prestashop Admin area… Get token… Token : ** call AdminImport and POST datas….csv RESPONSE: × Cannot read the .CSV file - END -

My url was correct and my parameters were correct, if they werent, it wouldnt import the 400 products would it? Yeah lets put this to rest, you be good .

not, you set wrong cron parameters like is explained in the readme, but dont worry.

Looks like neither ouf us can come to a single conclusion.Lets just leave it at that.

Hi, i’m trying to import combinations csv. But is missed field “value” in your table… In my csv I’ve: PRODUCT_ID;ATTRIBUTE;VALUE;SUPPLIER_REFERENCE;REFERENCE;EAN13…. etc But when i search in your combinations reference table, i don’t find it: Combinations no id_product product_reference group attribute supplier_reference reference ean13 upc wholesale_price price ecotax quantity minimal_quantity weight default_on available_date image_position image_url delete_existing_images shop advanced_stock_management depends_on_stock warehouse

How to solve?

hi, check the demo csv that comes with prestashop import demo. To update you must use, the attribute group and value

Resolved. Thank you

iu welcome. please help us rating the product

Hello, the task works only if I run it manually, it doesn’t work with the crontask. Can you fix this?

Hi. the crontask manager of prestashop dont work always, so better if you use the cron task of your hosting panel

Why you do not reply for a few days to emails? There is a problem with Your script.

I got this message when I try import something: ” OPEN BASEDIR DISABLED. Contact your host to enable Login on Prestashop Admin area… Get token… Token : 06… call AdminImport and POST datas…csv1.csv_0.csv RESPONSE: - END -

Please resolve this problem.

Hi. you send em admin and pass, dont send me user so i can access

user is on Your email. Why You didn’t wrote about user ?

i send mail last week, i get the user today. i check now

Hi, this module allows existing customers to upgrade? it could take any reference to update field?

Please, I want to buy the module, but I need to know if I can synchronize email clients as a reference and not the id of prestashop.

hi, no, you cant


I want to import products which have already reference in the store. If the product reference doesn’t exist in site/db, the product is ignored not imported like a new product. Can you tell me how can i do this?

Looking forward for your response.

try to forde ID and reference option enabled

Hola! Tengo dos preguntas:

1) Puede coger el .csv directamente de una url? 2) Se puede configurar para que solo importe un producto especifico del .csv?


si, pero no se puede poner para que solo actualize uno. el modulo procesa todo lo que hay en el csv

He estado haciendo pruebas con el importador de Prestashop y si seleccionas “Usar la referencia de los productos como clave” solo te importa los articulos que hay dados de alta en Prestashop. Con vuestro módulo también existe esta opción?

si, funciona =

Hello, can you pls verify that it works with a remote FTP Server / Credetials ? I need to import around 20 csv from one server, so I understand I can setup these import jobs with you module ? Best regards Michael

yes you can. only need to configure the ftp access in the module


I have a issue with the module, it doesn’t import any product from a file or a link. It not return any error to find out what is the problem. Can you take a look in admin to solve this problem?

I have sent you an email about 3 days ago and still no answer from you.

Looking forward for your response, it’s an urgent task.


There are more issues that appeared again with the module. I sent you an email with screenshots.

Looking forward to your response!



Did you received my email? I need you to respond to this very quickly, it’s urgent! Looking forward to your message.


Estoy probando el módulo y aparentemente me actualiza todo genial, pero al finalizar la importación de productos poniendo la URL en un navegador para probar, cuando acaba toda la importación, me sale este mensaje:

Login on Prestashop Admin area… Get token… Token : 9xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxd call AdminImport and POST datas…Estock.csv RESPONSE: × 2 errores No Name (ID: No ID) no se puede guardar Property Product->name is empty × El link reescrito para (ID: null) se reescribió como friendly-url-autogeneration-failed.

- END -

Eso es algo normal o es un fallo?

Solamente uso un CSV con referencia, stock y precios y lo relaciono por referencia con los artículos existentes en mi catálogo prestashop.


aparentemente hay uno de los productos del csv que no tiene bien el ID o referencia y ahi esta el problema.


Solamente uso un CSV con stock y precio para actualizar los productos existentes en mi prestashop.

Cuando ejecuto mediante cron la tarea de importar datos, me he dado cuenta que deja los productos desindexados y no aparecen en el buscador. Tengo que indexar manualmente.

Eso se puede evitar de alguna forma?


Me parece que hemos pagado por nada…

hola. la indexacion de prestashop debes hacerla con un cron, deberias ejecutarla un rato despues de que se ejecuta el cron de importacion

can you do this php script to use with virtuemart?

sorry, no


sznaki Purchased

i installed the modul but there isn’t any product added, it’s blank. i send you an e-mail but i didn’t revieved any answer can you please help me.

hi. wich is your email?

Hi, is it possible to import the file with a price markup like 20%?

no for the moment

Hi, Please i need help. I have the same problem since 3 days.

OPEN BASEDIR DISABLED. Contact your host to enable

Warning: curl_setopt_array(): supplied argument is not a valid File-Handle resource in /home/mysite/public_html/modules/cronimport/cronimport.php on line 665 Login on Prestashop Admin area… Get token… Token : ef406bda6c26c952178d1cb950e49ba2 call AdminImport and POST datas…Products.csv RESPONSE: - END -

Do you want the FTP accès ?? cause it become to be an emergency !!

Best regard!

Mr Shacker, We have done EVERYTHINGS, and nothing works. the link with the id 30 have works one time with the 100 firts products, and after nothing. and i haven’t toush what you have done. i have made several others links with a same files. and It works once every two, and It works every other time. You have tested yourself with a file that you have validated. And when I downloaded the file last night it was empty. And it is only visible with Notepad. The same thing happened when I put a file the first time. And indeed it is only to images and short descriptions products. But then I have the features, long descriptions, menus, quick accesses, price selling and discounted prices to download. And in a week we could not have just download the image files? What will happen afterwards?

You can not operate the module because it does not work.

I bought some modules on this site (codecanyon). And this is the first time that it happens like that. i just want a refund.

i give to you the refound

Thank you and good luck for the rest.


haka002 Purchased

There is not any documentation for the categories import. I try to do it in many ways, but every time I got errors.

1. I dont know your rules, so the category tree is not good… if I use Presta Store Manager for category import its perfect. So please give me the steps for the whole category tree import.

2. Many times when I run the cron link in the browser I get 404 error of Presta Shop after 30-60-90 sec… In this case the import stops.

3. I didn’t find any logs for the import, so I dont see the errors.

4. Some times I got the good messages during the import, but the code imports only 200 categories.

5. Your cron script doesn’t handle the URL which gves back a CSV file. Ususally the categories, roduct CSV files generated by a PHP script. Just think about it. If the people use this versio where you can set only CSV files, they need 2 cron for this. First you have to generate the CSV on the server, and the second will process the generated CSV.

My categories list contains 1200 items with all of the data (image, meta data, description, etc.) I use PHP 7.0 and PrestaShop


you can save the output adding in the cron something like this > /home/john/logs/backup.log 2>&1


haka002 Purchased

I mean your script doesn’t generate any error log. So the file will be empty.

if a error occurrs, must show these errors if you use the module dir cron

Permite importar y exportar productos relacionados?

Hola. no

Hola quisiera saber si este modulo tambien sirve para importar desde un xml con parametros de mi proveedor?

Hello, can I ask you, does this module allow you to import specific prices? I have to handle different prices specific to each product. Thank you

hi. No for the moment