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We are unable to install and it says The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Thanks Ahsan

The file that you should be installing is called wordpress-import.zip.

Hello I installed the plugin and it doesn’t import

Could you send a sample of something that does not import to info@wpshowcase.net including your codecanyon username in the email?

WPSHowCase I send you email. Please contact with me. Rafał Burczak

A reply has been sent to your email.

Hi, I interested in buying this plugin, but I want to know if it works just like “WordPress Importer” or better. Basically, I have BLOG posts with images in one blog, that need to be transferred to a new blog, posts and images that come with it. Would this do the job? Let me know,

Thank you,


Vamps17 Purchased

Doesn’t work at all. Doesn’t even respond to the upload button, how to fix that?

Please send wp-admin and ftp login details using the contact form on my profile page.


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Hi, Please could you explain this in more detail? Thanks, WPShowCase

Hello, great plugin and nice with custom fields. But i want uptade existing post, i write the post id in colum (post_id) from my csv but the plugin make a new post and not update existing post. How should I do ?

Please have a look at the plugin documentation to find out how to format your file correctly.

Hello were are the CSV exemple ? When i click on the button export to csv and save export to file, i download a csv but it’s empty… Do you hawe a exemple ?

Please send wp-admin and ftp login details to info@wpshowcase.net and please also state what post type you are trying to import.

Can I export/import products (including images and tags) with this plugin?

This plugin is not intended for exporting and importing WooCommerce products.

Hi, I wanted to import a csv file to a different blog and they are both using different themes, so major is can it transfer the images and associate the images to the new site with the post it creates

I don’t understand “so major is can it transfer the images”,

Okay, My question is when images are uploaded does it associate the posts to the images

The plugin does not associate posts to images.

hi, does it work with woocommerce data? i need a plugin to update woocommerce quantity from the stock, tx

This plugin does not work with WooCommerce data.