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I wonder if is possible to import to any custom port type and when importing if I can choose every column of the CSV to which field or custom field it should save the data.


This plugin does not import custom port types.


Will your plugin let me import custom taxonomies WITH their featured images?

I want to add a bunch of images to Woocommerce Product Categories, so instead of doing it manually, I’m thinking of using your plugin and import a CSV.

I need to import a list of 200 projects that are set up in Excel with different columns fro project type, year, category, etc. and import them as posts in Wordpress. Will this plugin allow me to assign each column in the Excel to an item in the post, such as title, description, category and tags?

will this import images by URL as the feature image of a post

Hi team! I would like to ask you a pre-sale question. Is possible to import from an XML file to custom fields dragging and dropping the tags from the XML ? Thank you so much.

Hello, I have a pre-bay questions: 1. Is your plugin able to export the woocommerce data (products, variations, shippings, taxes and so on)? 2. Is your plug-in able to export just 1 site from wordpress multisite to “normal” wordpress site, no network?

Thank you

I have a WooCommerce import/export plugin which can export woocommerce data. It has not been tested on multisites.

It doesnt work it only shows me after loading file this text: Import CSV or XML


What to do?

Could you info@wpshowcase.net a file that causes the error?

I just bought this import plugin and it will not install, it says there is no valid plugin found. I am uploading the zip file I received after purchase and attempting to install it on my wordpress blog. Please advise.

See error below >>>

Installing Plugin from uploaded file: codecanyon-6488366-csv-and-xml-import-premium-wordpress-plugin.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Return to Plugins page

did you check your spam folder?? sent from divinitycodes.. I will resend now

I’ve found it in my inbox after you resent it.

awesome!! look forward to hearing how to fix this

Hello, I have a prepurchase question:

I will use this plugin for german real estate websites. Is it possible to import properties with the german openimmo.xml files into a real estate theme? If yes, can I choose which xml infos will be put into the particular property infos, without working on the xml code? And if yes :) can I automate this by uploading an xml file into a particular folder on my installation?

Thanks for the answers. Best regards?

This plugin expects xml files to be in a specific format so you would have to change the format for this plugin.

Hi, i have installed the plugin and its not working. I selected posts and added the xml file but nothing happens when i press submit. Can you please help

Please send your xml file, wp-admin and ftp details to info@wpshowcase.net, including your codecanyon username in the email.


I have categories, High Schools and I have 43K entries that I do not want to input manually. How can I do that with your plugin?

Export an item then copy and edit the exported item to create an import file.

Hi, I’m looking for a plugin to import export post from my website V1 to my new versions of website on another wordpress website. Does your plugin ca do that ? I try to uses import / export from Wordpress but it does not work at all, lot’s of posts to move… Regards

I am working on an update to make this plugin work much faster.


Is the plugin supports affiliate products? i want to insert the tracking id and tracking url. Is it able?

This plugin does not support affiliate products.

Will this plugin import a csv file into a custom post type with ACF Pro fields? Thx.

Probably but I cannot say for certain because this plugin has not been tested with ACF Pro.

Hi, Nice plugin. I need a plugin to import the excel files that one supplier send me every day with his stock in order to be able to have all his stock in my eccomerce. So I need to be able to this. Could your plugin do it? In case that I need some customization, could you do it? Thank you

If you are using WooCommerce, then I believe that this plugin could. I am happy to do paid-for customizations.

Hi. Can your plugin import term meta from CSV/XML?

No it does not.

Hi can this plugin be set up to automatically import and then display the xml field that will be pulled in from a xml file on the web server?


Unfortunately these are not features of this plugin.

Hi, COuld import woocomerce products? Thanks

You cannot import woocommerce products with this plugin.