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Nice work GLWS :)

Thank you. We are just getting started and will need all the ”:)” we can get!

The development roadmap for CSV 2 POST is public.

Your request or bug report may be getting worked on right now. You can check the projects progress on Trello. A service that mixes communication with productivity and is ideal for users.


Feel free to submit requests, even bug reports. It will help us deal with problems quickly and in a transparent way.

What’s the difference between “CSV 2 POST” and “WordPress Data Importer”? Which one will be updated/supported going forward?

Are they compatible with “advanced custom fields” and “toolset types” plugins?

Development has a minimum of 2 years for both plugins.

All WTG plugins (we have a lot more coming) use the same core. So improvements to one, lead to improvements in the rest.

There is a free edition of CSV 2 POST that I recommend. It offers features not normally giving away for free so is far from a demo/trial type of offering.

I’m working on the plugins right now. Hoping to release an update in a couple of weeks. CSV 2 POST on CodeCanyon will soon offer far more value for money and WordPress Data Importer will offer features for working with more types of data storage i.e. XML, REST API and the ability to work with any database tables for those who import their data using other tools.

If your working with .csv file please begin with the free edition. You will get support. The support offered on CodeCanyon takes priority but as you can see the products are new so your not going to have long to wait.

The plugin handles custom fields in a way most users require. Including using a WYSIWYG editor to prepare templates. From what I understand the Advanced Custom Fields plugin is more of a human interface to creating well formatted values for those fields. I may be wrong as I have not used the plugin, only browsed it’s features. What is important is that the plugin adds meta to posts and all plugins or themes can access that meta data. No meta only exists within the plugin that creates it basically.

Please ask more questions based on your raw data and the values you would like to achieve. I can tell you if my plugins will prepare those values for you.

Two Sales!

It is a start and a big thanks to those two new customers who are now supporting the project. There are over 500 other customers from previous sales on WebTechGlobal.co.uk. However the plugin is now exclusive to CodeCanyon and investment here is imported to my future.

I’ve just been typing up some notes for the coming updates. I will be adding a feature for importing previously exported post data from WordPress. The plugin will automatically configure some settings when it recognises the file as a WP export.

User will be able to use all features as normal before importing the post data and essentially change the original imported post. But that isn’t all. I’ve recently updated WordPress Data Importer with a system for importing a group of files, including individual meta and taxonomy files. CSV 2 POST will get those features also.

Kind Regards Ryan Bayne

How do I access the documentation, seems your website where your have linked to in the documentation file is not available and I really need help getting this working.

Hello Greendocs. The WTG site is currently in transition to another theme. It could take another couple of weeks.

Could you possibly send me a sample of your data and give me some details about what your doing?

Tell me your theme and any plugins that need to make use of the data your going to import. Then I can create a tutorial specific to your project and provide it via Google Documents or PDF.

Email ryan@webtechglobal.co.uk

Your purchase and patience is appreciated. Ryan

I thought I best let you know you can get me on Skype or Discord or any project management service that allows files to be shared. My Skype is “WebTechGlobal”.

The Discord server is and is new. I’m hoping to build up a strong community where anyone can get live help and reward community users who provide help https://discord.gg/xBNYA7Q

More plugin files have been sent via email after conversations regarding the projects requirements. A PDF tutorial has also been authored based on the .csv files provided.

Very nice job