CSV 2 POST - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Turn a CSV file into WordPress posts or pages with our pro data import plugin. An airline, a US radio station and many real-estate agents have used CSV 2 POST to do just that and more. Some data management features and easy customization makes CSV 2 POST a good choice for many projects that do not focus on the creation of public posts. Our plugin imports data to a custom database table so that the data can be prepared to required standards prior to publishing.

CSV 2 POST premium edition launched on CodeCanyon in August 2016. Our goal is to define the perfect professional importer for WordPress that allows growth and the management of campaigns.

Main Features

  • Schedule System
  • Schedule Data Import
  • Schedule Data Update
  • Schedule Post Creation
  • Schedule Page Creation
  • Schedule Custom Post Creation
  • Schedule Post Updating
  • Schedule Page Updating
  • Create and Update Posts Manually
  • Create and Update Data Manually
  • Over 100 Dashboard Widgets
  • Custom Fields/Post Meta Supported
  • Category Creator
  • Title Templates
  • Content Templates
  • All Themes Supported
  • Merge CSV File Data

Support Portal

WebTechGlobal now uses the Portal Plugin to create dedicated support areas for products and services. CSV 2 POST has it’s own portal which focuses on bringing all the information you need to one section of our site. Some content will require your to submit your transaction ID so the website can confirm your support license status.


We take you seriously now, before you spend and buy our WordPress plugin. So feel free to engage with us on any platform/app today. We know how difficult it can be to choose the right solution for a problem based on landing pages like this and we want you to make the right decision. Even if that means recommending a competitors plugin. So contact us today and get a moment of free consultation. We’re not here to waste your time, we’re serious people creating serious solutions for serious users. So please contact us using your preferred method below or using CodeCanyon itself. Provide all the details your permitted to share about your WordPress site and why you need a plugin like CSV 2 POST. We’ll clarify things and help to give you some direction.
  • This item is only provided on Envato. Only testers can obtain a copy directly from the WebTechGlobal website.