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Hi zPavan,

Very nice, only one question for you.

Is it possible to give let’s say a sliding animation for the menu (icon list)




i’ve just uploaded a new version with some transition! There is a fadein animation similar to slide up!

[the new version is still updating]

Watch again the preview!

Best regards, Diego

Hi Diego, you got me, You add the final tought to your work and it’s diffinetely awesome. I will buy this. For two dollars is amazing.

But between you and me. Show your work like everybody does with sreenshoot or video. You gonna loose money.

Last question, how long it’s gonna that to get the update

Best regards , Claude


Update is online! (has been approved a few hours ago)

I know that live preview is not a very good idea, but this is the first work I try to sell so I just wanted to allow anyone to view it entirely.


A well needed addition to many sites… Great work! Question so you have the CSS in separate colors like blue.css etc? It would integrate easier for my sites that way.


no, css files are divided into “footer.css” and “buttons.css”, but it should not be difficult to separate the various colors in various css.

PS. I’ve just uploaded [still uploading] a new version with some new transitions!

Regards, Diego

Please tell me there’s a Pinterest icon

Yes there is!

These look great. Kudos.

Thanks, 18 days late!

Hello, a great idea and a good job. I appreciate your real demo, (instead a movie demo, but I understand that’s better for not to loose a sell) and a I buy it. :grin: Thank you

Hello! I appreciate your comment! (: To tell the truth I think the real demo helped me with the sales!

Just a remark: you should use another name for your .btn class (like .btn-sm for exemple) because .btn is often use by lots of frameworks (Bootstrap…).



I would like to know if I can some classes to create normal buttons with a label inside, how to do that?

Example: Share 2 does not enable to create a label inside a button.


I just installed the plugIn ans says: The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed.

Any idea how to fix this?


I sent a support ticket in the other day. Is there an ETA for a reply?

Would be nice if there was some support for this product.

Emailed twice as well. Still no reply.

I’m looking to buy this, is anyone currently providing basic support?

when I go to load the plugin – says the package can not be installed . No results were found valid plugin . Installing the plugin failed.

Translation with google translation

i’am new. how to install this in worldpress. just purchase this plug in

how to instal in blogg?

It works with whatsapp