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Looks nice!

Is the number of alternatives that can be showed limited? I’ll probably need to show six alternatives on the same row.

Also, can it be integrated into Wordpress for easy administration?

Thanks ! Yeah sure you can put any number of packages you want just setup the right width. ;)

i don’t understand the second question , what kind of integration you mean ?

I’m not sure how it should be used in WP, but I guess it can be implemented as a table in a WP page.

When I think about it, I guess I need something more of a pricing table as I’m looking for a way to present different mobile subscription plans. Tooltip would be nice too :)

The implement is very easy , just paste the html code in the wp editor and embed css required files (style.css,colors.css you can also combine a new file contains what you need only and embed it :) ) and it will be well done ;)

If you need help please contact me via my profile contact form.

A wordpress plugin is now available! :)

Great :)

Thanks !

It would be nice if you could spell Beginner correctly.


:D oh thanks for the note!

Hi! bought the table as it looks outstanding, really great work! As I am implementing this into my site though I noticed something we should look at correcting.

This is the incorrect usage for heading tags, by defining these elements to work in these tables it also conflicts with virtually every sites CSS file causing the headings on the page to take this tables style for each.

<h2>$</h2> <h1>8</h1> <h3>.99</h3> <h4>Monthly</h4>

really this should be handled using classes instead

<span class="pricesym">$</span> <span class="pricebig">8</span> <span class="pricesmall">.99</span> <span class="small2">Monthly</span>

And we have the same issue on the usage of labels

<li class="included"> <span>20</span> <label>SQL DBs</label> </li>

the label tag is used to define a “label” for a form input element, again in this case we should be used a span or div container with a class instead of using the label tag.

I am working on these updates now on my site, if you would like a URL to see it in action let me know, be happy to share the code and explain the differences in greater detail.

Hi osmark,

Thank you very much :) i will fix it as soon as :)

please send me your URL to see it action.

Done ! :)

hello there dos this have HTML code geneator ? with like


I tried using the Wordpress plugin, and this will not disappear in the “feature” section:

Even when I put text in, these tags still show up.

Can you please explain more ?

Sorry, it must not have copied over.

In the “feature” section of each price column, even when I put my additional info in, the shortcodes still are visible. Here is a link to a screenshot to show you:


Please contact me.

This is the best WordPress pricing table that I’ve used (looks great and very easy to use). I really appreciate your help – awesome customer service!

Hi There,

Nice plugin. Bit of an issue, looks fine when I ‘generate the table’, but when I add the shortcode to my page The price sign and pence dont display properly like this… https://skitch.com/jimmymustard/8u1pb/dreamweaver

any ideas why? Thanks,



Thank you for the purchase :)

I think there is a conflict between the plugins. Please contact me via my profile form.

thanks for share1 i was looking for my site http://www.zolute.com but i am not sure how to implement in joomla


Sorry for the late reply. Please contact me via my portfolio contact form :)

Thanks! :)

His plug is working? i can not make this work, any instruction how.

Dont waste your time… dont work with WP 3.5

WP plugin is not working


Thank you for purchase my item, please open a ticket and i’ll follow up the problem with you.

Hello! I wanted to ask if it is possible to use a form input code for the “Button URL” in the Wordpress plugin.

Each pricing package I have leads to a Paypal subscription payment system, so the HTML code for it is more complex than a simple URL link.

Is there a workaround I can take?



Sorry for the late. You can use a redirection system for that.

Thank you for purchase my item :)

The support seems to doesn’t work anymore… I opened a ticket last week and there was no respond until yet…

nice job mate . good luck ^^