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Is it possible to make this one as a pop up ?

Yes, it is possible..!

I’m buying it if i can see this live. The video doesn’t make me wanna buy it.

hi can i put this from on my website like this www.wantickets.com

This form can be used anywhere! on any website!


This worm is responsive? Are there mediaqueries included?

sorry but media queries (css) are not included.

Normal PHP Mailer or Code included so can setup contact form for any site?

yes, it can be easily included in any website.

No clear field on focus? :)

not yet, but if you want .. I will add the same :)

why dont work for iexplorer?

May I please know which version of IE explorer are you using?

HI Does this Form stand alone or need any other support files .. i.e. the old Formmail.cgi

Yes, it will need the cgi or php files to send emails.

Hi! Where I insert the email that the message will be delivered? Thank You

Ok I just noticed that this code is just for de design, not the functionality from base. To have a contact form working is needed to have a .php file. This product is only for implementing design, not to create from zero a Contact Form.

Yes sir, This is just the design to implement you .php file.