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“Please remember that Internet Explorer and Opera don’t support some CSS3 attributes.”

Yeah IE does: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/ie/ff468705#_CSS3

I’m surprised CodeCanyon isn’t having developers update their pages to note IE9 and FireFox4 compatibility, otherwise it seems developers here are stating that their code snippets aren’t compatible with these 2 latest browsers.

so i understand it doesn’t show the animation with IE7 and IE8 but can you tell me what it does if someone uses one of those browsers? do they still see a link?


Since I´m using a Apple computer, I can´t really tell you if the animations work in the newest version.

Anyway if IE does not support CSS3 animations, the silver button will move (without smooth animation) and all elements (including links) will be visible and clickable.

Thanks ;)

Where can I see a demo page of it in action? The demo included in the .zip is broken.

Hello, try to download the .zip again. Everything is working here. The file that you need to open is the “index.html” with your favorite browser.

Let me know how it went.

Thanks for purchasing ;)

Can these take the place of checkboxes in an HTML form or do they not function like that? Thanks.

Also Wordpress?

Hi there, a pre purchase question – can I use just the tool tip function (ie: envoke the custom tooltip css separate from the toggle buttons). I was looking for a tooltip facility, & thought this may be a better option, as it has 2 options (toggle button & tooltip)

Hi. Yes, it’s possible to use just the tooltip function. If you need some help later on don’t hesitate contact me. ;)

awesome – can you lastly, tell me what tags you can apply the tooltip to? etc?

You can apply the tooltip to all elements you want. :)

Does this work with mobile and is it responsive?

It works with mobile since the hover state has the same effect as the click in mobile. However, I recommend if you want to trigger the animation only onclick to use the following code (it will add a class to the toggle parent):

onclick=”var cn=this.className.split(’ ‘);var active_i=cn.indexOf(‘active’);if(active_i!==-1){cn.splice(active_i);this.className=cn.join(’ ‘)}else{this.className+=’ active’}”

If you need any help just ask ;)

Excellent job bro =)