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I like it! very nice…

Thanks you

Hi, would you consider adding any additional icons to this set? I’m particularly thinking Google+, Instagram ad an email icon. Thanks

I will work on that and let you know when it is updated

great, thanks

can you please help? I’m not sure how to use. I purchased and downloaded the file but am not able to actually open an individual image. I thought I would be able to add only certain social media icons to my site header but I’m at a loss at how to access and implement these files.

Sorry if this is really obvious.

thank you.

Hi there—nevermind; I realize you just need to upload images and edit html / css.


Glad you got it figured, if you need any help please let me know.

any chance of adding a Feedburner icon to the set? I love the different display options and would love to be able to include the Feedburner option.

Thanks so much. Love the icons :)

you are awesome, fladhammer! Thank you.

i uploaded the updated files, should be approved soon.

Thank you so much!

can i use it in a blogger theme (xml) ???

if you purchase it upright, sure. You will have to set it up for XML

Just as a heads up to all that email me. When I email back, it seems to go to your email’s junk folder. Hopefully some of you know I am not avoiding you but I am getting back to your emails with in the same day you sent them.

Hi Are they linked to their website share page. Ty

They are not linked to their website share page.