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no javascript or anything…impressive. But how doe the numbers show at the categories? like in the circles, the 12, the 4? they show automatically (no way) or must they be coded in? Either way, looks nice, but thought I’d ask

Hey pharill, Thanks for the kind words, as for the numbers, they don’t show automatically, they are hard coded – however with some javascript or any server side language, you can automate that…

Can you make each image a hotspot or hyperlink so that when a user click the image the go to a different page?

Yes you can flystock Thanks

Hello. I’m using Oriolus theme, and I really need to get its ajax portfolio to show only a category by default (not ‘all’, as it does). Could I get this with your plugin.

Thank you!

Hi arroyot24, the filter uses CSS3 only ( no javascript and it is not a wordpress plugin.

It can filter and set an item by default, however to use it with Wordpress you may have to set it up manually



I am really interested in using this filter on eBay, but eBay does not allow Jquery at all, only javascript. I would also like to change the filtering buttons to pictures.

Is this possible with this product? How would I use it? Just copy and paste the code into eBay and change the image source photos and their labels?



Yes it has to be external


Thank you so much for being so swift with your response. Adding the item to my favorites for when I learn external CSS, hopefully soon! :) Please keep coming out with pure css and html items. You are doing great.

Thanks for the kind words.


I am curious is it possible to set in such a way that when it does the filtering, it will only shows the filtered images or contents only and hide the rest completely from view (the content will expand or shrink accordingly if it is html content, or rearrange if it is used as an image gallery… Etc)

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Yes its possible