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Thank you sir !

Can i put my own content in, like Iframe?

Hello, yes you can put an iframe, you may need to create a larger container but it works :)

Once again, a work of art. Your work is a time-saver! Unfortunately, I’m not such a big fan of the Envato side-menu, but hey, it could be useful for sure! PLEASE release some more CSS work!! :)

Thank you for the kind words ! I really appreciate and I’ll try to find other ideas !

same as Sticklr. still waiting for top and bottom sticked one ;/

Next month I’ll have time to add this feature, I’m having holidays for now.


really small, but really useful if used correctly

5 star rating

Thank you Sir !

Thx a lot for such great stuff. Im useing it on my joomla site and got it work with modules and menu inside.

Cheers Dennis

Thanks a lot for posting your feedback !

i am trying to install the plugin but i got an error:


Instalando el plugin…

No se ha podido descomprimir el paquete. No se encontraron plugins.

Fallo en la instalación del plugin.

Hello ! I’m sorry but this is not a plugin, just HTML /CSS files.

Is it floating?

Hello, this menu has a fixed position, so it always remains at the same place.

Hey, 1. are there any code updates coming to this menu ? 2. can it work only when You click on icon like the menu that envato has with the 3 icons on the left ?

Hello, I haven’t planned any updates for now and it works only on mouse hover. For click events you’d need to add a script and it’s not part of the menu.

Hi, is there any solution for iphone, unfortunately hover-effect doesn’t work. Cheers, Rigby

Hello, this is not optimized for mobiles. But usually hover events are converted into touch on phones so I guess that you should be able to use it in some way…?

Work in mobile??

This hasn’t been tested or optimized for mobiles, I’d recommend to search for a component coded for mobiles instead.