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Nice, good luck with sales :)

Thank You :)

You might want to make the fact that this custom CSS3 scrollbar only works in Webkit based browsers. The only indication of this is in the sidebar beside the compatible browsers heading. I also wouldn’t call these CSS3 scrollbars as the code that styles them uses the CSS pseudo prefix ”::webkit” which only targets Webkit browsers and is not I believe in the CSS3 specification.

as for now The problem is custom scroll bar in css is only supported by webkit browsers.So prefix :moz won’t work as firefox doesn’t support it. and same goes with inter explorer and opera :(

If they will update in newer version I’ll surely add this for rest of browsers as well But I’ll add compatible browser info in main description so people won’t get confused

It’s Works for Other Devices like Android And Iphone ?

Hi, You said it’s easy to use but you haven’t given any instructions. How do I use this with my website?

You can reply to my email if you prefer.


email sent :)