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Menu not working in Android and Windows phone can u fixed that?

yes sure, Thanks for suggession

have you fixed issue?

No, I will fix but it’s take time.

Nice work! Good luck!

thank you

is this working on android & windows phones yet?

Same question here: Is this working on android & windows phones yet? I want to buy your product, so please answer the question. Thanks!

Yes – also want to purchase, but only if it works on Android and Windows phone – please advise

I was about to buy this.. sad it does not work on Windows and Android :(

I am working on that sorry for delay

Is there any target date as to when this will be availble on Windows/Android. Can you update us? Thanks!

Hi! Can i set dropdown submenu open from menu top or only from current menu item? Like full-height submenu. Or, if submenu have small height than open from middle of current menu item.