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Really nice work :)


Your thumbnail is equal to thumbnails that I use and I can see that you are one of my followers. Coincidence?

Nothing to say? Ok, Let’s see that Envato Staff will say about that.

yes by coincidencly it is same but i don’t think so this is the major issue

I looked a a full page of pricing tables. Once I found this one on the second page I need not look any further.

Hi dear, exactly i don’t understand which page you need not to look any further?

It just mean this one is best one.

How do I center the tables if I only use 3?

add this css code block inside head tag

Example   before

    Put code here




        #price_table {
            text-align: center;
        #price_table .version-1,
        #price_table .version-2,
        #price_table .version-3,
        #price_table .version-4,
        #price_table .version-5{
            float: none;
            display: inline-block;



after making above changes check your pricing tables align center or not.

if this not work tell me i send you another solution


Can I know what is the maximum number of columns the table can support?



When I hover on my tables the border does not reach all the way to the right or bottom – please see

My CSS file bootstrap.min.css is conflicting with this somehow but after hours of trying I can’t figure it out .

Can you help?


i send the price table “style.css” file through gmail. i made the changes in style.css file. just download this style.css file and replace with in your website css folder. i hope your problem solved.

TY Tech-Designer, but I did not receive the new CSS file in Gmail. Can I DM you my email address?

TY so much, Tech-Designer! I downloaded it. :)

It worked as expected – thanks again. :)

You’re welcome