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Nice work, is it pure CSS/HTML?

Thanks. CSS3/HTML5, and added jqeury for slidedown. I think that to do css3 animation now it is bad idea, because it don’t work in ie9

Any option for a click trigger to toggle show/hide instead of hover. Ready to buy. Thanks

Yes. You can buy it, then write to me, I will send you version with click trigger

I need the click trigger too. Should I write to you?

Hi. If you bought it – yes, please write to me

We are having a problem with the menu displaying properly in an iPhone running iOS 7 in the Safari browser. The titles in the menu do not ‘wrap’ and instead fall underneath each other as if in a vertical menu. It displays perfectly fine on all browsers on an iPad running iOS 7 as well as all desktop browsers. Could you advise? Example can be see at

Hello, I have a display problem in ie 8.9 and 10 and Firefox. The file used is the file named “codecanyon-5906023-css3-responsive-amenu/menu.html”. What to do?

Here is a screenshot:

Thank you. Stéphane Schittek

il menu sui cellulari non funziona. Con le icone ci mette 3 minuti a caricare la pagina, ho eliminato le icone ma il menu sui cellulari non funziona lo stesso. E’ impossibile aprirlo e tenerlo aperto.

the menu does not work on mobile phones . With the icons it takes 3 minutes to load the page , I deleted the icons but the menu does not work the same on mobile phones . It ’ impossible to open it and keep it open .

Just add this tag to the head: <meta name=”viewport” content=”user-scalable=no, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1, minimum-scale=1, width=device-width»>

even if you enter <meta name = ” viewport ” content = “user- scalable = no, initial- scale = 1 , maximum- scale = 1 , minimum- scale = 1 , width = device-width ’ > the menu is closed it does not open the same

Excellent Work!