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it is only changing the background not the item do you have a demo where it changes the color of the item ?

Demo: http://www.screenr.com/ikHH

Yes its changes the background only. As said in description basic photoshop skill is required to show a particular product or a particular selection of pixels to change the color. The image should be in .png format.

Regards, Zi

not function. only script that I purchased does not work

Please send me an email through my profile with brief info about whats not working

I apologize works perfectly. Thanks.

Great, Thank you for purchasing

Hi! I’m considering buying this item, but I’ve got a couple of questions.
  1. What I want is a script that changes the color of a shape (in PNG format image). Does the script do that?
  2. Can it works in a WP installation?

Thanks in advance!

Yes based on the transparency wherever is given on the png image the color will affect. Sorry WP version not available.


Is this script can do something like this sample site? (changing color of the ring) http://www.gemvara.com/jewelry/two-paths-solitaire-ring/round-emerald-sterling-silver-ring/2fhmg

I checked the reference you provided. The color does not change on that website, for each option selected the images are different. on my item, the image should be in PNG format and has to be modified where the color to be changed on Photoshop through which the image color gets changed.

hi there. we are extremely interested in this product. would there be a way to set this script up so you can change 2 different parts of the image to 2 different sets of colours. for example, say we had an image of a bedroom would we be able to set this up so the customer could change the wall colour to one of 15 colours, and then the door colour to a separate one of the 15 colours?

See example here. This is what we are trying to build for our website: http://tuffshed.com/products_colors.cfm?ModelID=SBGR&TabID=Colors

If so I would like to purchase immediately

This item doesn’t have option to change the color of individual parts. Please add me on skype id: techzia for further discussion.


I want to know if this plugin can be used in a woocommerce product and if it´s could be used for more than one image at once.

All the best,

This is a stand alone html template, its not a plugin. But i believe anyone who is aware of woocommerce integration can integrate this template.

Hi I like to see your product but demo doesnt work please send demo link for me


same question… change 2 different parts of the image to 2 different sets of colours…I need same idea.. did you make one that can do that?

This product is to convert a particular image with one single colored theme. Customization is possible however if its fixed area where you need to colors to change.

I am looking to use this to change multiple colors in a single image (8 or more) is this possible to customize this in that way? I am proficient in Photoshop.

Yes, you can add n number of colors and the places where the colors to be changed should be transparent and the image should saved in png format.

Hi, I am interested in inserting in a WIX project I have. There, I can paste an HTML to the page and use. How can I do this with your product? After purchase, can I download, copy and paste the code and start to use? I am an advanced user of Photoshop. Wix doesn´t offer a colour change = product change. I am sorry if sounds a little bit disorientated. Thanks

Hi guifoto, thanks for showing the interest on this product. This item is a stand alone and can be integrated on any html or php page. Please make sure you copy required css files to reflect the actual html page to display properly. Thanks.