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How do the “signup” buttons link to Paypal?


The action buttons can be pointed to any link. You can define the text of them (ex: Signup) and the link to where they point (ex:

Hey YouGapi,

I see you came out with version 2. The other version got pull from the self.

So, my question is, what’s the other difference besides no Javascript?

Since this is full CSS does this means we can now custom the color?

Can we added link within the tables?

This plugin supports an unlimited number of columns for example and contains our first CSS3 tables (that will also be available soon as a standalone version). So 100% of this plugin is our own creation and we have built it to support what we have in mind for future releases.

We plan to enrich it with numerous few other features (like the ability to disable the action buttons to use it as a just regular tables, tooltips support depending on how many buyers request it etc…).

You can customize the colors from the CSS files, and each style has its own CSS file to make it more easy to customize and to maintain ;) Links can be added by declaring them with an “href” and using single quotes.

I support you on this on this once again,.. (Yougapi ) with added tool tips and the ability to add disable action would be nice see in the future and maybe a special or best offer robin would be really nice as well :) ..

Thanks CT, really appreciate your support !

Do you can add a Wordpress configuration screenshot? Thanks.

I have better, a screencast available here. But will add some screenshot very soon as well.

Do you have a working demo instead of just the video?

No sorry, cannot have a live demo on this kind of items.

Installation instructions?

You should find a PDF documentation within the plugin package.

Disregard previous. I got it.

Is it possible to center the pricing table on the page?

Yeah but you will need to add some CSS to that page to center its content and use something like

text-align: center

I would also like to center my tables. Can you give me more instruction on how to make this happen?


Ideally you should do it with a CSS rule like “text-align: center” applied to the tables container (so should be on the page’s CSS , not the tables CSS themselves). But you can also use a workaround if you open the “include/css/pt2_general.css” file, find the ”.pricing_wpress {” and add something like “margin-left: 100px;” and adjust the pixels accordingly.

When I use the % symbol in a cell, it is not shown in the final table. The total line is simply removed.

When I call the table in a page/post, using [... style = “8”], only the default style (style 1) will be shown in the website. Within the WordPress Admin Dashboard, the preview is displayed well, based on the chosen style.

When I use the € symbol in the currency field, it will shown in the table the text “u20ac” instead of the symbol €. This also happens in the preview within the WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Is this a known issue? Or could it be that my Wordpress template ‘PageLines Platform Pro’ causing this?


For the % and € I just noticed the same thing, I will release an update next hours with a solution to that. Send me an email through my profile page to get when it’s ready.

For the style chosen when using a shortcode just make sure you are using a regular double quote, or try using the shortcode without any double quotes. If you still have an issue regarding that please send me an access to your blog to have a look.

a new major update is arriving soon with support on currencies symbols (including the € symbol) and other special characters (including the % sign). Added an option to disable the action buttons, and the support of more than 30 icons (instead of 2) that can easy be added to your tables content with a simple code.

Drop me an email if you have already purchased the plugin and want to get the latest version without a waiting time ;)

Hi Yougapi,

I read your response to Ace47. You said that the tables from the previous version that is not being sold right now are included. I looked at the video and I did not see the same tables among the 9 styles featured in the screenshot and the video itself. For example the button is located higher in the 9 styles featured in the video. I would like to know what you meant by the fact that the previous tables were included in this new version.

I didn’t’ say that sorry probably a misunderstanding. This plugin includes its own pricing tables (and doesn’t use any other tables coming from another item). The 9 pricing tables styles used in this plugin are the ones showed in the screenshots or the video preview ;)

Hi, top work! Charset is not UTF -8, so Umlaute dont work like ä,ö,ü and Ä, Ö, Ü – :confusedsad:

I will give it and try and see what I can do for the next update ;)


I am looking to charge in several different currencies, euro, can$, us$, aus $ and £.

I was looking to use a geo location plugin, can i change the currency shown depending on which country the user comes from, and can you recommend one the plugins that css3 tables can work with.

My pricing structure also has a subscription service and in some cases a set up fee.

Can any of the field be dynamic, with drop down menus that affest the price




To do that you would need some customization added to the plugin, with the ability to detect users locations, and conditions to display the chosen currency depending on the country. It cannot just work with another plugin without modification since plugins are independent from each other.

You would need to define the possible currencies, the possible countries and which currency is used with which country, and probably a default currency… the exchange rate. All this can only be done as a custom work. You can contact me through my profile page with more details if you need help on that.

Hi I bought this plugin and although i had some difficulties yougapi sorted out the issue for me.This is a great plugin and the support is excellent A+++. I recommend it!

Thanks guys

Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it :)

Awesome plugin! One thing I would like to see in it though. The ability to delete a single row of your choice. For instance a red “x” next to each row. Thanks again!

That’s not possible right now, but you can choose exactly how many rows you want to have for each pricing table ;)

I’m very interested in your pricing table! It looks exactly like what I need. I have one question;

I’m have code generated

<form action= blah…blah…blah

that I need to use for my action. in your demo video it shows entering a url. Is it possible to enter my form code?

I realize I could create an internal url that your action button links to which would then have a ‘buy now’ type button that contains the generated form code but that would also add an additional click/page and possibly confusion.

if you could respond asap I would appreciate it as I need to setup my pricing table asap.

Thanks! Mike

Hi Mike,

The action button is accepting only a URL , to have a form would need to customize the plugin and conditionally add your form code in it (that would replace the current buttons). We can help you with such a customization, contact me through my profile page if interested.

Yougapi…I’m sorry…that asap was far too asap :) I’ll give you a shout via your profile page.

Thanks! Mike


Love features and design of tables, but different color styles will not display.

Style keeps reverting back to Style 5, even after I’ve overwritten the code with style 7, the style I want – very frustrating.

Please thread your comments by using the reply button on the bottom of your first comment. Which shortcode are you using right now?

Hello. Great work fully does what it says. I do still have a problem, as i said not your fault, i need just tables, nice and reasonably user friendly for the client. The purpose is to specify technical features of machinery, and i can’t find any reasonable table system, great pricing tables, but not just tables. I will appreciate if any one can send me to a good plug in on that. By now if you don’t mind i will suggest some additions that may help to covert you pricing tables in, as far as i know, the only well designed table manager for WP.
1. Be able to ON/OFF any of the 3 top default rows.
2. Over all table title ON/OFF.
3. Be able to choose columns or rows in bold type.
4. Duplicate tables. Will be good for less work on multilingual sites.
5. Custom styles. Just “custom style button” with the choose of the dark and light color could be enough.

I made the list in importance order, hope it helps, in any case is a very good work.

Thanks for the suggestions, will consider especially the first 2 for future updates.