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I am thinkin of purchasing but I have a question. Does this plugin support table headings or can you set the colspan of cells. I love the look but I also need descriptions every so many rows.

You mean a descriptive table that would go totally on the left side? Sorry this plugin is not supporting that.

No really that only may say I have 5 rows that are 4 columns. Now the sixth row I want to add a long description so I would want that row to span all 4 columns then on row 7 back to 4 columns again.

If not possible is it reasonably modifiable

Just a note that response time was awesome

I see what you mean. Unfortunately that would be very complex to implement. Try threading your comments by using the reply button at the bottom of your first comment ;)

Sorry, I thought it might be. Let me ask you this can I turn off the header and footer of the tables? the I could say make a table 5 rows long, then a table with now price or action button only one row, then another table etc. I just really like these tables they look great and I am hoping to find a way to use them.

There is no footer within this tables, it’s possible to disable the action buttons row. The columns (and rows) are independent from each others.

Saving changes to an existing table does not commit the changes.

Can you be more descriptive? (Which changes – How are you saving them?)

In the preview, the hover over is working perfect, but in the live site, the hover over is off to the left about 10-15 pixels and picking characters from the box to the left. Is this an issue with my theme?

That’s probably an issue with the current theme that may need some CSS adjustments. Please send me a link to your tables and a temporary FTP access through my profile page and will try to help you solving it.

Hi, is there any chance to add accordion to each detail row, so when use click on it, it will reveal more details?

That’s not really planned sorry

Hi just want to be sure if this plugin is responsive. Thanks

You can try it from your mobile and see :)

Hi. My theme has added bullet points in each row which I can’t seem to get rid of. Also the top pricing row has a different width on the right column to the one below it, and when I roll over each column it is displayed off to the left from where it should be. Are you able to please help me with this? I will need to PM you the details of the site rather than post it here.

Template: Doover. Browser issues in: Firefox & Chrome (haven’t tested others)


Please send me a link and temporary FTP access through my profile page and will help you with it, that’s probably a conflict with your theme.

Is it possible to add 5 or more tables on each line?

Is it possible to contact you somehow? I need some extensive help for this and I want to show you the url where I am working on it. Basically my problem is that the tables is giving me alot of errors and I dont understand why the CSS is being overwritten on the page, while not overwritten on the admin preview.

You can contact me through the form on my profile page

Hey, I did :) looking forward to your answer

Are the tables shortcode compatible? Meaning, can I put the shortcode for a modal in a table cell?

Not sure what you mean by shortcode? You mean using the shortcode inside another shortcode?

Using a shortcode inside a table cell. Can I put the shortcode for a modal form in a table cell? I want people to fill out a form to sign up for the service described in the table.

Oki I see what you mean, that may need some customization. You can contact me through my profile page for an estimate, thanks