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Good work, I like it. But the text and buttons arent centered to the divs in the demo

Hi, Please re check demo. Thank you very much for comment.


Very nice work!

I couldn’t check the demo in other browsers than Chrome. How other browsers are supported at this moment?


Hi Lizatom,

Thanks for your comment. I guess the reason why demo was not working with other browser is that we encrypted demo’s css and html file. So, we have uploaded a video. you can be sure that it works in major browsers. By the way, the original files are not encrypted. Thanks.

This is awesome. Would love to see it as a WordPress plugin!

Hi studiochimp! Thank you for your kindly comment. May be in future we can take into consideration your request.

Purchased this code thought it would save me some time, but if you change the size of the div the text isn’t kept in place.

never should have bought it.

hi jd…. You are the first one who claim such a thing! We tested it so many times…

Hey, I loved the work Although when I changed the size of the image I had to deal with many more parameters to make it look good ..

I have one very big problem and I need your help, I do not see the effect using Internet Explorer .. Do you have any idea why this happens?

You can see it at:

Thanks in advance

The effect looks really good but the documentation is just awful, e.g., horrible spelling, actual major syntax errors in the ‘how to’ part of the code, etc. People spend so much time and energy putting these things together, and then they don’t take the time to use a spellchecker. Codecanyon could benefit from having someone look over these things to monitor people’s work more closely. The CSS overlay looks great though, but the carelessness of his documentation was enough for me to not bother with it.

Why don’t you have a video/live preview so one can see it in action before purchased all you have is an image

Very good. GLWS :)