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I would like to know if it is possible that on / off switch in page (not in admin) is with no link. So user can not set on/off.

I am asking you because I will have 15 location on single page and i would like to have on/off button on each single location wich will tell you if the location is on / off.

Most important is that page visitors can NOT link on / off switch.

The only one who can do this is admin of this page.

Thank you in forward for your answer.

Hi Kragor, if i understand what you write this is the answer:

- yes, you can set 15 on/off switch in one page. - yes, you can set the button in backend (set the button on or off) and after disable the button. Your visitors can view the On/off Switch but they can’t link it. In the Input Type Checkbox, you will set disabled=”disabled”.


Hi I am using WHMCS billing for hosting. Can this button be used to on or off server using API calls.

thank you

Hi, these buttons are html + css. If you integrate API calls you can used this buttons for all you want.

need see demo url :)

Hi Tatwerat-Team, there isn’t a web demo. But if you want, you can see preview images and video. Best regards, Zep

sorry, double post

Hi jappenzeller, i replied to your previous post. Have a nice day

Can you give me a small example on how you would change the status using jquery?

Hi jappenzeller, thank you for contacted us. You can simply use jquery to change the status using .checked for the specified ID (#nscheckbox for example). Have a nice day

Cool and awesome :)


Could you give some way to help me integrate it in WP? Where i have to put the images? thanks