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Very cool effect! Good luck.

Thanks :)

is it possible to change colors to other than the 6 included ones? and is it easy or advanced?

Maybe I should add more colors. Thanks for your idea :) Which colors do you like to be added?

i would prefer if it was possible to add colors myself in an easy way or if you include in documentation the color choice steps to get the good result. but yeah, more colors would be nice… bookmarked for future purchase.

Thanks :)

can you provide guidance on implementing into wordpress?

I will try to do that :)

This is c00l. If I had a need for it I would buy it!

Thanks :)

Wait wait wait, so if we need colors other than the preset colors you include, we “have” to contact “you” to add more like you stated to pleiadene?

Is there not a way to change the colors via the stylesheet???

Yes, it’s easy to change the colors in the stylesheet :). But I want to know what customers need. So if this item contains more colors, customers wouldn’t lose time to make colors which are not included at the item now. Not everyone will have the same experience with CSS3, but if someone have a difficulties, he could contact me, so I will help him/her.

Ok, now I understand. Great!


Cool effect ! Can I use web fonts with it ? Can I use it without the border line ?

Hi, yes you can use web fonts and used it without border :)

Will this work with Swedish characters (åäö ÅÄÖ)?

Hi, what kind of knowledge I need to use this tool? Thanks!

Hi :) You need to know HTML & CSS :)

How do I implement this into an existing page that has it’s own CSS? I would like to use this for a logo.

Hello, please send me a message at

Thank you very much, great job!

Thank you!

Do you have info on integrating into Wordpress? The current css file is altering my entire site and I just wanted to add one neon sign :)