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1. Does it support IE7?

2. Can it auto-expand for current page/post, but keep all others collapsed?

Regards, Anton

Anton i have seen and tested http://vizantiia.com.ua/ and i believe it is possible with multilevel if you are going to use some programming language like PHP to store the current state because on page reload the currently menu may close again without some programming.

An alternative would be using a purely javascript solution that uses cookies to store state.

Let me know if you need help with the second alternative so that i send you something that uses jQuery which i believe can help.

As for the update – Like in a weeks time from now.


Oh, thanks. Actually, I’ve reviewed ~30 solutions and no one does exactly what I need, which I find very strange because it’s a very basic and primitive functionality. If you have anything to recommend that will work out of the box, I’d be happy to give it a try. I’m software developer myself and I can develop it, but I’m not a fan of re-inventing the wheel and I’d rather buy something ready and support in long-run – because I need many such things for our commercial hosting WordPress-based business and I do not want to obligate to support everything myself.

As about cookies – actually it is not needed because from within PHP you always have access to the current post/page’s ID and it’s enough to expand menu correctly.

I like the simplicity of your solution and I’d like to use it, but unfortunately I need it to be compatible with IE7…. And not only I need it in next few days (otherwise I’ll lose this client), but I also need it to exactly mimic the same behavior like on that Vizantiia website.

Best regards, Anton

Please Send me an email from my profile containing your email address i will forward you something and you give it a try…

Has anyone experience the issue in IE9/IE10 where you click a folder and it jumps to the top of the page?

It’s acting like there is a href=”#” in there. This occurs when the folder you click is below the page fold.

Hello Thesnipergecko Please find this line

ul.menu-tree input { }


top: -9999px; with top:auto; or top:0;

Hope that solves your problem, will fix that in the update

Thanks for pointing that out


Excellent! Worked a treat. Thanks.

Any Time!

How can we make the code remember with cookie what is open and closed?

Not for now, but i could look into it.

That would be great … I really need that feature.

OK, Thanks

For IE8 it works on hover only? are you planning to update anytime soon?

Hello, Can you please let me know if you were able to make it work on IE8? – I would love to use this product on the pages I need to build… :)

Not yet but you can send me an email via my profile page so that i can fix something fast for you…

Thank you !! – Sent :-)

Hi, Sorry for my English.

I’m looking to buy your menu. But I have some questions.

Can it add a link to the main menu? and remove sub menu from that?


OK, Thanks

I’ve add a link to the main menu and remove sub menu from that. How to remove the arrow in front of main menu?

Thanks for the purchase Hamoo, sorry for my late reply – to remove the arrow just do this

Your menu link should look like this below

<li><label class="link"><a href="#"><i class="icon-inbox" />Inbox</a></label></li>

// Add the lines below to the menu-tree.css
ul.menu-tree.accordion label.link::before { 
    content: '';

ul.menu-tree.accordion li label.link a{  
    padding:0.1em 0.2em;  

The css should be added at the end  of menu-tree.css

That should do it


Hi, I’ve just bought this plugin, and expected to install it into Wordpress in the normal way, however, when I carry out the plugins/add plugin/upload file process, I am told that it doesn’t contain a wordpress plugin. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

Hi celliott101, Sorry this is not a Wordpress plugin. Its a css accordion so if you want to use it with Wordpress, you will have to install it manually,


This works perfect. Well documented, easy to use. Awesome work!

Thanks nucklhead2009,

Glad it met your expectations


This appears to be precisely what we are looking for. Please confirm that the following is possible: 1) To use multiple menus on the same page. 2) Using Group File Access (another plugin) which specifies access to users based on login credentials, we plan to list those protected files in the tree. Will this work properly?

Thank you!

So for Wordpress you want to show / hide elements / content based on access rights for the panels / tabs?

Correct. If I have login permissions set for a specific page within the website, I want only that logged in user to have access to files within that tree.

Hello Dgpitts,

Does the access rights plugin work with hiding sections besides hiding pages? If it can achieve that then the hiding of sections can be possible