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Hi, Does this works on the ipad? If not how can you make it working?

Thanks so much in advance!

I’ll look in to this for you! I still have yet to test them on the iPhone (They worked on Android devices) but I’ll report back shortly and let you know! Thanks for the interest and concern, it will help massively in support!

Another thing too, is that Apple products such as iPhone, iPad etc. all use Safari which is Webkit based. Webkit is the most supportive of CSS3 , but I will need to do further testing as to touch response from iPad/iPhone to make fully sure. Really glad you brought this question up!

Hey mate, Love the code. Problem – Is not working in Safari 5.1.7 on a Mac or a PC. Hover or clicking, nothing happens. Same goes with the iPad 2.

Any chance you could take a quick look and let me know if there is a fix to get it going?

Don’t want to have to change code, because I like the simplicity of yours a lot. Thanks.

Thankyou for the immediate feedback! Sorry to hear it isn’t working with Safari 5.1.7, I will revise the pack and see if I can update the pack with a bug fix & log to show how it was revised and changed.

I’ll get right on it and try to solve the issue.

Many thanks & Regards, James.

Hi mate, I’ve solved the issue. They are full compatible in Safari. It was an display error in the CSS which Safari doesn’t recognize. (Even though it is Webkit)

I’ve sent it to Envato for review, hopefully the download will be available soon. Thanks buddy for the quick response and letting me know! Should you need any more help, let me know.

iPad support is unfortuantly unavailable as of now, though, I am working with an update to hopefully get touch compatibility with Apple & Android devices.


Nice work! Very fast response and fix! I’ll re-download in a few days – I know Envato can take a little while to review.

Thanks again.

The demo pages included in the pack are “broken”. They point to files in a subfolder that doesn’t exist. Thus, none of the samples actually work.

Then download the one on codecanyon to check.

For example, index.html within the “Demo & Extra Help” folder points to a /css/ directory that doesn’t exist and it is not in the file I downloaded from here.

I’m on Windows and used Winrar to unpack it.

I mean, csslink.html, not index.html.

Sorry for the delay mate, I’m sorry they were broken links. I did send an update a while ago (1.2) which obviously never made it on to the marketplace for some reason, however I have sent the files (1.2 Update) back to Envato for Review.

Sorry again for the slight inconvenience and hope you enjoy the rest of the tooltips!


It’s not working in Chrome (Version 21.0.1180.89), I use Mac OS :( Could you please help me?

I’m going to test it now on my mac with Chrome 21. Sorry for any problems! I’ll report back soon with results, but, in the meantime, are linking the css files and putting the correct HTML code in to your documents? Just make sure nothing is broken!

Many Regards, JMD

Update: They appear to work on OS X Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion for me in Chrome 21. I have sent an updated pack for review just in case. It’s exactly the files I use, so there should be no problem! Also, make sure it isn’t colliding/being overridden with any other CSS files your site may include, for example a Wordpress Plugin etc. :) Just make sure the code is linked in your HTML document with
<link href="stylesheethere.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> 
OR if you’ve put the CSS file inside a folder:
<link href="folder/stylesheethere.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> 
Also make sure you’re using the right HTML snippet:
<a class="tooltip">Hover Me<span class="mt-green">Tooltip Text Here</span></a>

Nice! Thank you for this quick response. I’m really appreciate your time :) (thumbsup)


Is this only css or with jquery ?

Pure CSS . Contains no jQuery, though I could probably do an jQuery fallback, but it will destroy the point of them being pure CSS3 animations :P


Can any html be used in the tootip popup area (eg. a div containing a picture)?


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Hi, sorry for the delay, I can only apologize on my behalf. I don’t check filtered e-mails, yours of which has unfortunately ended up in.

Have you linked the CSS correctly to your HTML? I can’t seem to see the CSS tags that are used for the tooltips.

Many regards, James

Does this do tooltips to the right, left or underside of links / form elements? Or do all the tooltips appear above?