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Does the Pricing Tables work with Joomla 2.5 and is it easy to install if you are a beginner who uses a WYSIWYG editor? Where do you upload the CSS , to the root folder or do you add it to the template folder as another CSS ?

Sorry, this template is not ready-to-use for Joomla. However, anyone expert in Joomla can customize this item for Joomla.

nice, beautiful

Does this fully respondsive change the layout based on the resolution of the screen (ie. iPad, iPhone, handheld, etc)...?

No, this item is based on fixed layout. May be we’ll make this item fully responsive in its updated version.

Hi, nice tables, just one thing.

I cant view the pop up correctly, but the configuration is fine, whats wrong?

This is my URL :


Sorry, the url you have given is not working. Please send again.

hi, the url is working, please check again. thanks!

But here it is not working :(, see this video:

Wow thats weird, its working here, maybe you can try with another browser? or maybe using Tor Network?.

Can you view ?

The url its fine and working, dont know whats happening :(

Sorry, kept trying today. But this link is not working in any major browser.

Hi. Already fixed the problem, was a CSS config issue. Really dont know why u cant enter, the page is online. Nice tables and thank you for the fast responses.


Hi, it is good to know that your problem is solved. And yes, the url is still not working, even I tried from my friend’s house. However, the greatest news is that the actual problem is solved now :).

Replaced the $ dollar symbol with euro symbol but it does not display. How do I get the € euro symbol to display?

Hi, you have to regenerate the Open_Sans.font.js file from While generating this file you have to include the € euro symbol in order to solve your problem. Follow this link:!topic/cufon/1AYfL9DKVec for more info.

Contact us using our profile contact form if you still have any problem.

How to upload to Wordpress site.

As this is html/css template and not a plugin (already mentioned in the item details section) you have to convert it into a WP plugin in order to use it in a WP site.

I just downloaded the Pricing Table. How do I upload it to my Wordpress site? If it cannot be uploaded then, how do I convert it to a Wordpress plugin? I think the second option was not quite clear in the product discription. I look forward to reading from you soon.

Sorry moore29, unfortunately this is not a plugin. At the extreme bottom section of the item description we have already mentioned that this is not a plugin but an html/css template. However we are working on a Wordpress version of this item. And we are going to publish this new item very soon.

Hi great table. I got it working fine but I want to add another table on a different page. I did this ok but as soon as I change the details to suit the new page it does not display correctly. I did email you through your profile a few days ago but got no response. Please email me so i can get you a link. I have my site in maintenance mode.

Just sent you an email.

Hi, can you confirm that the tables are generated row after row or column after column

Column after column :).

i want to render my table by rendering row 1 then move to row 2, not column 1, then column 2. Does your script support that?

Hello, Any predictions for compatibility with joomla 2.5? There is no way to install the table in an article created in joomla?

At present the pricing table template cannot be installed in joomla. But, we’ll try to make an extension for joomla in future.

Hi, it’s responsive?

Sorry, its not.

Have a nice day!

Responsive become?

Thank you in advance!

Hello, thank you very much. Right now we are working on a number of projects. Please contact us via our profile page, so that we can send you the responsive css3 mega pricing tables pack when it is ready.