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Hi ,

 I do not understand CSS , but I can turn .

I bought the menu and I wonder how to install

Hi, I’m sorry but this can’t be “installed”, it’s necessary to work in the code in order to integrate it (and this completely depends on the environment, or the type of site you have). It means manually copy the markup you need, paste it wherever you want the menu to appear, add the assets, etc. It’s necessary to have at least a good knowledge of HTML/CSS coding.

Menu does not collapse on Firefox 38.0.5. On IE and Chrome when we resize the window, the menu hides to show only a new item (“Mega Menu” on demo), which we can then click to expand all to see the submenu items. On Firefox 38.0.5 this does not happens. When we resize the window the item “Mega Menu” appears but the remaining items do not hide.. Tested on http://demos.pixelworkshop.fr/?theme=CSS3MegaMenu Same on Firefox mobile.

I’m referring to mobile Firefox. Tested with your untouched code, bought and uploaded. Now more relaxed knowing now about browser usage stats. If there is a fix, would appreciate to receive it. ps. Are your other menu projects so fast as this one? In the demo preview none is so fast as this one. Regards.

Alright, it’s fast because it’s only CSS, there’s almost no javascript (only to handle mobile devices so on desktop it’s working instantly like all pure CSS menus).

I guess that even jquery menus can be set in order to work faster (remove delays for example, even if I wouldn’t recommend to do so, it’s better for the user experience but it’s just my opinion).

Thank you for quick response. I’ll probably use in the future one of your other projects. Appreciate your work. Regards.

hi, I am very interested would it be possible to have the menu as in the example here http://www.lws.fr/hebergement_phpbb.php#Tab0 how much? Please Thank you. I am very occupied right now to create it myself this menu

Hello, that’s a different thing, the site you’re referring to shows a system of tabs that takes the whole browser width. If you have a full description of the project (design, functionnalities, etc.), you can contact me from my profile page so I can send you back a quote. Thanks !

hi Guys! is there an option for vertical accordion menu? is it compatible with avada wordpress theme?

Hi, this is not a wordpress plugin, and there’s also no accordion.

How do we center the top level menu bar while still allowing a fullWidth view for the drop downs? I keep getting the drop downs constrained to the parent when I wrap the top level in a fixed width and centered div..

Hello, I already replied to both questions by email.

How would we push down lower divs on the page when the drop down is displayed? Thanks in advance!

Hello, I already replied to both questions by email.

Hi, can this menu work well with volusion ecommerce sites?

Hello, this is just a set of static HTML/CSS files, possible issues depend on the integration and on the type of ecommerce. But the menu code itself can’t do anything wrong, it’s just working on its own.

Hello, I am currently experiencing a small issue with your menu. On the following site: http://www.armageddongear.com/ you’ll see the menu in action where it says Shop, Events, Gallery, etc. It works perfect on desktop, laptop, tablet, and iPhones. However with Android phones, when someone clicks on one of those menu items, it instantly turns into a drop-down box or an input select field. When someone chooses one of the options in the menu, it doesn’t go anywhere, it just sits there. Can you please help?

Hello, well on android it doesn’t turn into anything else when I test it but as the menu items are links, it loads the corresponding page.

Actually menu items should be either links or drop down triggers but not both at the same time. That’s a problem because on desktop you have the hover and click events, but on tablets or mobiles, there’s only the touch event so you can’t have 2 actions (load an URL + toggle a dropdown) for a single event (touch).

Hi, i’ve just tried to place your menu on the website i’m developing, hoping it was a full width menu, but its not full screen width its full menu width, which is actually a fixed width, is that correct?

Is there any way of getting the drop down bits to be full screen width as i need to cover the full screen width with the menu options? Thanks

Hello, this menu doesn’t have such options, you may need something like this instead https://codecanyon.net/item/flexinav-flexible-and-responsive-navigation/6528657 – see the fixed menu demo (also be aware that such fuill screen drop downs are possible because the menu is fixed). With the current menu you have it could take a lot of effeort to achieve the same but it should be possible somehow.

Please, is this possible to use it with Drupal ? Thanx

Probably but the integration is something I can’t help with as I never worked with Drupal

Hello, I’m really interested in your menu. Is it possible to have the menu cut in half with the company logo in the middle ? Thanks

Hello, such customizations are possible of course if you’re comfortable with CSS

I am very interested in your menu solution, which I believe will work nicely with the CSS & JavaScript Toolbox plugin for WordPress. https://css-javascript-toolbox.com

Can you please tell me if this is 100% compatible with WooCommerce? Thanks for your time.

Hello, it’s static HTML/CSS so there is not compatibility concept, manual integration can be done in any environment