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Nice work, GLWS


Great job with fast and reliable support . Syscover solve all our problems . Thanks José Palacín .

If I purchase this am I allowed to use a couple of the loaders in an app or template without tacking on extra $$$ for a loader.

Thank you

Great job by the way.

Yes of course you can use it as often as you like

Thanks, regards!

If someone is using IE9 or earlier what happens? Is it just not engaged and the pages load without it?

Hi imabouto, the problem with these browsers is that they are not able to interpret css3 The spinners would not be properly, to this case you can add a gif spinner, you can see section “use .gif files” on our documentation:!/crear_tu_theme


When I put this on my web server I get an error. I noticed the Javascript tries loading a PHP file. My server does not run PHP. Does this not work without PHP? There is nothing in the item description or example page about needing PHP; I assumed this was strictly a JavaScript and CSS implementation.

Hi memfirst! You are right, today we will throw a version that only works with JavaScript and HTML. I hope it to be published on Monday, send me your email by private and we will send you it as soon as it is finished



hi, would you consider allowing users to add their own svg animation to use as loader?


Hi! you can use image theme and replace loader.gif by loader.svg, remember replace on image/elements.html too, regards!!

hello, Where can I see the code in operation? Will work in prestashop? is kept on screen since the user clicks until the page loads? Thanks!

Hi! works, but is not a plugin for prestashop, Will work if you integrate it into your prestashop template.


hi, i would like use this plugin to have animation/transition between pages, have you some link to see it at work?

i would like fade or dissolvence effect but with the same colors of background pages, in order to make the visitor believe that it is a single page that it is visiting like in this website or similar