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Great job!! congrate its posible to combine 2 efect? like 3d X-axis reflection and panel icons?


Thanks :)

I tried this combination but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work…

Is it possible to make an image fade in-out on mouse over? i have two images and i need to make the abode image fade in and out when i hover over it.

Hello, you mean make the image appear and disappear ? If so, that’s possible with keyframes but it won’t work on old browsers (well like all modern effects…). Anyway, which effect would you like to start with ?

after you hover over image, can you have another image show up in the background with multiple overlay text hyperlinks on the foreground?

Yes, that could be possible, but you’d need to create this effect as it’s not part of this package. You could start with something quite similar and add what you need :)

Hi Great image effects! I ahd a question I’m using the rollover zoom effect and i would like to display 3 mages instead of one when i rollover the thumbnail in 3 columns I have added span class but it seems like it adds a an extra border any ideas why?

Hello ! It would be easier for me if I could see it, if you don’t want to post a link here, you can contact me by email via my profile page (contact form in the sidebar). Thanks !

This was such a time-saver for my latest client, thanks! One comment: maybe you can make the samples even simpler? By that I mean remove any and all styling and classes that are NOT relevant to the example at hand (for example, the margings, padding, lineheight and fontsize on the overlay text). Makes copying the CSS declarations a little easier (less stuff to strip out). But hey, I understand that it makes the samples look better, so no biggie. So once again, thanks! 5-stars!

Thanks again ! Yes I understand, a non-styled version would speed up the integration, I guess that I should add it in a separate folder. No time for updates these days so unfortunately this will temporary end up in my (too long) to-do list :)

Does it work on iPhone & iPad? Cant test cause its only video. Thanks

Probably not because it works on mouse hover.

Wonderful effects!!!

One question before purchasing: is it responsive? will it become if using it in an html responsive page?


Unfortunately not.

I’ve seen some nice effects and was curious if the image label or description slide works on ie7 and ie8. Do they render well on those browsers?

Hello, IE7 and IE8 can’t animate anything with CSS3 . Only javascript would render animations for them.

Hi, Flip effects are fantastic!!!!!

All effects can I use URL links, I bought “Hover Effects” of your competitors and do not work … You give me this support?

Thank you,

Hello and thank you :)

That’s a bit complicated, it depends on what you need to do. For the effects where you can see overlayed texts or icons, you can put links.

The other effects are made to stack 2 images so the image revealed could be a link, that works with “flip diagonal (or horizontal / vertical)” but not well with the set labelled “flip books”.

In short, it depends on how you want to add links (via texts, icons, or make images act as links), so I can’t guarantee…

Will this work in wordpress?

Hello, this is not a plugin so you’d have to integrate it manually.

HI Is this dificult to integrate on wordpress. I set a JS code on wordpress’s content and write a picture’s way on it then I’ll see the image hover effect on web page, right?


Hello, it’s something I’ve never done so I guess that as long as you include the CSS and use the necessary HTML markup, you should be fine. But it should all be done manually, in the code. And again, I’m not enough experienced with WP to tell exactly how it could be done and how hard it would be, it’s just an assumption.

Thanks. Can I see your E-mail, I have a question?

Is this plugin compatible with WordPress theme? Thanks!

Hello, it’s not a WP plugin.

Hello, these effects work in a quite different way but it’s still a set of hover effects. By “plugin”, are you referring to Wordpress by any chance ? Because what I have here is not a Wordpress plugin, my product is a set of HTML/CSS files.

On the Flip Animation can you clip and just show contents on the back just white with words?

Hello, yes that could be possible to replace the back image with a DIV for example. You’d probably need to make a few CSS adjustments in order to make this DIV displayed like the image (position, size…).

I mean flip lol

Me too, I explained how you could change the back side to something else than a picture. But after reading again your question, I probably don’t understand what you mean by “clip”...


Does flip effects works with IE11?


Actually i already use to saw the table, there i was seeing “Flip Effect” x x x x x So i wanted to ask in IE11 is it started working or there also its x x x x x

If it possible if you can provide link to demo just for checking on IE11

Any replay its important?

I’ve just tested and unfortunately IE11 doesn’t handle the flip effect properly. IE is still not ready for 3D.


Enlarge an image by moving the mouse over as in the example here http://www.bingoo.be/Petites-annonces-11-Region-Bruxelloise.htm Zoom a picture in the search result as the site thank you

Replied in another thread, please don’t post the same questions on different product pages.