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Hi! I’m interested in this, but I need to know what the configuration options look like before I buy it (extended license). How do I initialize it, and does each picture have to be square, or can I use CSS or another option to fit a rectangular image to a square face.

Sorry to reply you so late .i can’t tell you how to initialize it because that will let people steal the plugins in my demo.The picture have to be square but you can customize the box size in options. So just use css to control your images size,It’s very simple to use.

If your don’t satisfy the answer. Here is my email

really useful stuff, good job ! :)

No one buy it,I am so disappointed.

Hi. I’m interested. But I need to know about its (hopefully) graceful degradation. In other words, what happens when the user views it in IE?

I am sorry,IE don’t support some css3 style so you can’t use it in IE.

Hello, I think you must disable the live access to your “gallery”... We can get all the html, css and javascript code, without paying. Make a screencast example for secure your “gallery” is the best way. Best

Thanks,but the code is encrypted.I think it is safe.

In the “autoplay” option of this product can it be set to rotate on both axes so that each face of the cube can be visible sometimes. In other words can both “x” and “y” be set allowing the cube to “wobble” and not be fixed on 1 single axis?

Hi, How can I prevent some up, down turns? For example can I turn right and left only?

hello, are you still supporting? I am ready to buy but just want to make sure it is supported in case of problem. Thanks

Very nice job