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Nice work! And welcome to Envato :)

Thank you.

Purchased. Works perfectly well as far as I can see. The comments in the css are superb. Well done.

Thanks. It is nice to get such a feedback.

Excellent item. Thanks.

Thanks for such a feedback.

so this doesnt work in internet explorer?

No it doesn’t work fine in IE at this point because IE doesn`t support css transitions.

:( well what does it look like in IE? Just pictures that don’t do anything? Also can you upload you’re own pictures to use instead of the three you have?

In IE lower than 9 it will do nothing. In IE 9 it will change the state but without animation. But you also could change it so that it won’t do anything in IE 9 too. Of course you can change the images.


just a quick note to let you know that answers may take longer until august 29th because I am in holydays.

Thanks for understanding. Regards Max Varlson

How many objects can I use? The ss show three – is it possible to use more than that?

You can use as many objects as you want.

Seems nice.

Can i use this with Wordpress?

Yes it works.

You need to include the css stuff in the theme css. Then you can insert CSS3 HipHop in the HTML edit mode of a page or post. Now you only have to upload the images you want to use to the wordpress media library and update the images paths.

Can you tell me if I can use the product on more than one website of mine or others?

I don’t quite understand the codecanyon’s term for “Extended license ” . Can you clarify it for me

Thanks !

I am sorry that I cannot answer your question as I can not give an official explanation.

But it is explained quite well at this page:

Here you will find some usage examples:

If this does not answer your question you should contact the Envato Support to clarify your specific question.


Is there anyway to make the opacity stick at 1.0 and/or keep it levitating for an individual image of the menu when you are actually on that image’s corresponding page/link?


Yes, it is possible to make the current item stick at an opacity of 100% and up to the top. I have changed the relevant CSS parts.
Could you please contact me via my userpages contact form, so that I can send you the customized CSS file back via email.

The only thing you then will have to do is adding the class “current” to the item of the actually page.

Hello Again,

I sent you a private message with my email address. Please let me know if you don’t get that message.


Very well made and easy to navigate the code. You did a great job!



I am trying to add a current class in to show the user what page they are on.

I am not sure what css to add to this class and what class to use.

Help would be much appreciated thank you.

Hi bcgeorge11,

I am sorry for the late reply. I guess you want the link of the current page to have the same effect as when you hover over an item. You can achieve this affect by coping all the css attributes that include ”.item:hover”. The are all easy to find below the comment called ”.item:hover”. Then paste them in the css document and replace every ”.item:hover” with ”.current”. Now go into the html and change into for the item of the current page. I hope this solves your problem.

Regards Max Varlson


I want to put an image under it like replacing the shadow with a same size image. But when a I put the images the gap is way bigger in between. I have two rows and and each image hover at the top of another images. If you could give me your email I will give you the screen shot.




I have send you a PN with my email so you can send my the screenshot and I can have look at it.

Regards Max

its ok I figure it out. Thanks

Hello, what are the clickable regions – is the floated image clickable to a link? Thanks,

Very nice work! Congrats!