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Nice Graph! ;)

good luck!

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Can this chart show data of mysql? do you have a tutorial if can do it?

No.Its simple css chart so can not pull sql data

Is it possible to have multiple charts/graphs, so I can show a different one on each of several different pages?

every chart CSS file is you can use different charts on different pages.You just have to change css.

But May I suggests you Jquery Graphs plugin?

As you can see in “Live Preview” I added different graphs in each page with very limited amount of HTML code.

In Css3 graphs HTML code is complex so I recommend you Jquery version of Graphs if You are not much familiar of editing HTML/CSS codes

Excellent!! I have purchase more that one of your products for prototyping and a way to demo a project . I give you a High 5 for easy to use and great code readability for any level of Developer or web site hobbyist. Keep up the great work.

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Can you combine multiple graphs to show in one image, like bar + line?

I’m guessing NO, but I thought I’d ask anyway.

Thanks isnt possible with this product

are these graphs responsive?

It works fine Without any need of Responsive codes but if anyone has problem implementing in responsive design I will update the code.

Frankly speaking it is working better as is it

Hi Please can you refund this, the Pie Chart which is what I need is far too complex to manage, i just need to be able to put titles and % in and it generates, not try and build it. Thanks

Awesome work!