CSS3 Gradients

CSS3 Gradients

CSS3 Gradients 1.0 – 1,000+ named gradients included

CSS3 Gradients is a lightweight PHP script allowing you to create a fully functional website dedicated to providing ready made gradients for designers and developers to use in their projects and designs. CSS3 Gradients doesn’t require a database and has a flat modern design what works well in all major browsers. Instead of using a database CSS3 Gradients creates gradients based off a color list which makes the script much more lightweight.

Key Features:

  • All major browser support (IE9+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera).
  • 1,000+ named gradients provided.
  • Easy to add more gradients.
  • Gradients created from single hex color codes.
  • SEO friendly urls.
  • More gradients section on gradient pages.
  • 100/100 performance grade.
  • Fully XHTML 1.0 transitional .
  • Leverage browser caching.
  • Fast load time.
  • Flat design.
  • Gradient count.
  • Well commented.


  • PHP 5.3+.
  • mod_rewrite and mod_headers allowed in .htaccess.
  • file_get_contents enabled on host.



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Change Log:

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