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It’s really cool that the interface is entirely CSS3 , you’re a master. My only concern is that on a slow connection like my own, the interface would load quick- and the actual images would still be loading… is there some sort of “now loading” graphic that will display if the image is still loading?

Thanks for your comments!!

The best for slower connections is use Text “Loading” instead of using some sort of image or use optimized image .

Great – i can see how it is all done/drawn but the diagonal refection over the screen, didnt know that was possible – CSS3 is really amazing such as shame IE is absolutely lightyears behind the rest in not supporting border radius and many other effects.

There are lots of possibilities in CSS3 . LCD + Gallery is really a masterpiece using CSS3 . for IE, you can use images or javascript for all those effects.


can you tell me how the LCD screen should be responsive, viewed on my HTC one, it wont resize automatically, it does on the mac at home, the small gallery is the same as the large one, no resize/response when on smaller devices.



Its not responsive. I will create a responsive version soon. Thanks for buy this.

Kevin, Actually It was not responsive.

We will update this with responsive version soon.