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Hi! I am kind of a newbie and I learn by trial & error. Its getting better and better.

I got a small problem with the script.

If I resizes the screen big, it kind of sticks to the right and on the left is a black border. Also the header & footer kind of act strange and not like on the local demo.html

Maybe you can have a look and see directly the mistake I would need hours for. ;-)



ps: I have to say that I tried it to build into wordpress…

Hello and thanks ! I guess that you already made quite a lot of modifications since you posted this message, I can’t see the gallery. Don’t hesitate to contact me again if you need :)

Hi, is the automatic slideshow an option, or you have to click to change te photos?

(greta job) Thanks urko

Hello and thanks :)

No there’s not such option, it works only on click. I didn’t plan any update for this item but if you’re familiar with CSS3 transitions, you could make it automatic.

This would work for my purposes but wondering if I need to do much to make it compatible with IE6 , 7, or 8 also?


You’ll need javascript, there’s no other way so you’d probably better start with some kind of jquery fullscreen script.


Please i need help! When starting the gallery, the first image is not fitted onto screen. It leaves space on the top and on the left.

Please respond as i am planning on using this script in production environment.

Email sent :)


Just a couple of pre-sale questions:

1. Is that a wp plugin? I’m searching using the keywords, but it doesn’t look like a plugin to me. 2. Can I use it as a background for my website? With the slideshow in the back and the container on top?

Hello, it’s not a WP plugin so it requires to get into the HTML/CSS markup to use it.

Hi there! Can the thumbnail images in the header be substituted with text links? Thanks.

OK… So I went ahead and purchased, and it seems like it’s exactly what I needed! Thanks so much!

One problem. I’m having trouble with the “last image” fix showing up properly. If you look at my test site, it appears that background:cover is not being applied to the last image. However, when I add the background:cover attribute, the image still isn’t situated at the same position as image 1. Any ideas?


Test site: http://tinyurl.com/c7o2dhk

Hello, what about trying this :

#gallery_images #image_last {
    filter: alpha(opacity=100);
    background-position:center center;
    -webkit-background-size: cover;
    -moz-background-size: cover;
    -o-background-size: cover;
    background-size: cover;    

I have found to limitations, 1. would also like to have the option where the thumbnail images could be at the bottom or the side instead limited to the top.

2. I would like to add more images to the thumbnail row. A suggestion would be to include an icon in the top right corner to make the next series of images appear from the right and an option to go back to the previous series of images with a icon in the upper left hand corner.

Hello, as this is based exclusively on CSS there are limitations compared to a JS-based gallery. Now concerning your first point, this consists only in adding CSS to make the bottom alignment possible. And for your second question, this is not possible without javascript.


It would be nice if there was an indicator of how many images there were and what is the current image. For example: 8 / 40.

  1. How does it build the gallery of photos and thumbnails?
  2. Is there a back-end / admin area?
  3. How are files uploaded? Via FTP or is there a back-end uploader (e.g. Uploadify) which takes care of uploading and processing file resizing and thumbnail creation after upload?
  4. What can be done to create a site that supports multiple galleries? e.g. 2-3 of these full-screen galleries with photos in each gallery.
  5. Can this support sub-galleries? e.g. /Holidays/2012/, /Holidays/2013/, /Holidays/2014/, /Holidays/2015/...
  6. When the next image is loaded (e.g. image 5), does the placeholder change with the top thumbnails?
  7. Can you use back/prev by hovering over the image? and also use the thumbnails above? (can you use both?)
  8. You mention it is compatible with Firefox and Chrome. What about other browsers? Can you list them? Opera? IE? ...?
  9. Is this compatible with mobile devices – such as: Mobile Phones, Tablets, etc?

Thank you! :D

Hello, this is a CSS-only gallery, it means that there are a lot of limitations so I’d recommend you to look for a more recent gallery built upon jquery (or any javascript framework). Concerning your questions :

  1. This one uses only HTML/CSS so it’s built in the code
  2. No
  3. FTP, there’s no processing in HTML/CSS
  4. It’s not coded to handle multiple galleries
  5. No
  6. No it’s static and not possible with HTML/CSS
  7. Yes, both are used to navigate
  8. There are other browsers listed in the description and in the sidebar
  9. It’s not tested / optimized for mobiles, I guess that it would require at least an additional script

This product is more for those who need a very simple and lightweight gallery that doesn’t use scripts.

Hi Pixelworkshop,

I bought your slider it is very good , except that I though it changes the image automatically.

May you provide me the code to make it slide automatically Email : ahmadjouni2@gmail.com

Hello, this is a CSS-only gallery, it wasn’t coded to handle such events, for that you may need a jquery slider instead which always have such options. CSS has relatively limited functionnality and can’t be as versatile as jquery.