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the flat menu works only law services on top of the site, when I put in another area, it works wrong when the screen is 900 px

Can you give me some more information about your problem as well as screenshots if you are able, so that i can give the exact solution of your query.

as I will show you?

when will you show me

I’m hoping you show me where I put the print because it has

Look at this link and solve your query


The default alignment of the primary links are positioned on the left side. I know if you change float: left; to float: right; they switch of course to position on the right side. Is there a way to position the links to be centered without having to reduce the 100% width of ”.flat-mega-menu”? When I reduce the width percentage, the menu items end up stacking prematurely before getting to the mobile menu break point.

Thank you!

go to line number (306) in style.css file and then change the this below code

.flat-mega-menu .drop-down li a {
    color: #555658;
    font-size: 0.9em;
    text-align: left;        <-------
    padding: 10px 20px 10px 25px;
    background-color: #FFF;
    transition: color 0.2s linear 0s, padding-left 0.2s linear 0s;

change : ( text-align:center ) to align the drop down text center

I do web design for a business and we implemented your menu on our site. However, for one reason or another, some of the customers are saying that the menu displays with all its submenus open and all sorts of weird display issues. It looks fine on our end but it is hard to tell what is going on with their web browser. They are using chrome.

what issue?. Can you send me the screenshot.

menu css files values might be overridden somewhere else in the file (your website). This is not my menu issue.

HI there,

When I reduce my browser or view the menu on an ipad or other mobile device..I get a square icon instead of the hamburger icon..any ideas how to fix that? Here is a link. thanks.

sir icons works with “fontAwesome” fonts or i think your website not loading the font icons inside fonts folder.

Got it..found the wasn’t loaded properly thanks!

if wasn’t loaded properly send me zip file of your website i correct the problem and send back to you. thanks…

Hi there.. I want to buy this drop down menu, but my question before to purchase it is: Can I use it like ” MORE ” categories… they show you left and right subcategories…

Can I create like 4-5 categories on it, same like ” MORE ”...

thank you

yes, you can create like 4-5 categories on it, same like ” MORE ”...

In the first row of menu, search and account login buttons do not respond to touch events on iOS devices.

The mega menu appears to be looking rather defunct in various (event recent!) versions of the Internet Explorer browser. Can this be remedied in any manner? We have had many of our customers complain about it.

Thanks, Joseph

This is a huge problem because a third of our online retail customer base uses IE 6-9

hi good okay, bought her more or he is giving menu problems or am I not knowing put it, what happens now and I’m Development is a website with bootstrap, so I put the bootstrap, the menu stops working, follows the link with bootstrap, bootstrap and no, if you can tell me what I’m missing thank you

Friend the styles file did not come

you have orizontal This menu?

sorry, vertical This menu?

This navigation menu is full of w3c errors. Not validating.

Not a “Clean Design and Commented Code” as it says in the features.

yes sir after upgrade not validating.

I have validated everything. All you had to do is change the UI into divs, add more divs in some places and take out the h2 from the ul’s and style them with css. Looks perfect now. Only thing is I want to change the 4 columns on the tutorials to 2 and when I do that its messing everything up. Could you provide solution? thanks

For mobile phones, is it possible to update the menu so the menu pushes left when open. I have an issue with the drop down disappearing on mobile when you scroll down on the page. Visit via mobile to see issue.

For mobile phones, is it possible to update the menu so the menu pushes left when open. I have an issue with the drop down disappearing on mobile when you scroll down on the page. Visit via mobile to see issue.

add this css in your menu style.css file

  left:0px !important;

Hi, The menu works well but I have an issue on mobile. When I click the hamburger icon, the menu expands but it pushes the image below it off the screen to the right. I tried everything I know to fix, but no luck. Thought maybe you can point me in the right direction. Site is: Need to reduce browser width to > 768px to see the issue


Let me know if you need anything else.


Hello, Is it possible to have the menu auto close when you click a link in mobile view? I do not want it to stay open after clicking a link.



first of all many thanks for this great piece of work. I like this script very much.

Unfortunately there is one issue: on Android devices the first tap just opens the linked page. So the submenu drops down for half a second, while the page is loading, but one can’t tap on a submenu item. Correct behavior would be: first tap drops down the submenu and only on second tap (on the same item) the browser loads the new page…

On iOS it is working correctly. Why is it not working on Android? Is there a workaround to make it work correctly without Javascript?

By now I used a jQuery workaround for that issue:

But, if it’s working on iOS it should be working on Android too, right?


Does this menu have a “menu builder wizard” or we have to hand code to customize?

When I bought it I did not see any “menu builder” in the files provided. However, on one of your youtube videos you show how to customize (change color and more) using a “menu builder”. This is what I am talking about.

Hi, Each of the menus will link to a separate page. When I am on that page will that menu item appear highlighted?

Hi there, firstly happy new year, secondly great product. I just need a a few pointers. I wanted to remove the left hand side title from desktop view but when on mobile view the first menu item doesn’t display to the right side of the hamburger icon. (the hamburger icon should display on that row only and all the menu items would be hidden until user clicks the hamburger icon. (that’s my first query). secondly I have for example 7 menu items displaying on the desktop view (just text links) they can either be left or right aligned (Im guessing from the float used in your code) however how can I alter the code so that I have (for example) 7 menu links which are perfectly centered on the strip and when the user reduces width of the browser they will stay centered but obviously the width of each menu item is reduced.

Regards Chris

When I use submenus on Android doesnt work, it does click on parent items, on iphone works well, how I solve this issue?

The menu does not support 100% mobile. because after clicking on the menu item, it may be that it jumps to another menu item. As an example, on the mobile device: After clicking on the menu item Design, then clicking on the menu item freebies and the menu jumps into the news.