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i purchased this dropdown menu plugin yesterday. when a link is clicked, the new page is covered by the previous page and when a third link is clicked, the second page covers the 3rd page. my webpage layout consist of a few iframes in the page. please help me fix this problem.

The onlin link that’s working right now is on “OUR PROJECTS ” then dropdown “Accacia Estate” then All Estates”. The other link is the home button.

You can try to find out the problem using the “our project menu”- All Estates and the “home button or image” to check the problem. This is the website link :

thank you for your help.

Hey, I saw your html code and you’ve linked the css file inside <script> tag. Inside this tag css file won’t work. Firstly remove from there and then try adjusting z-index property in css file.

hi, i played around with the html code but the pages are still stacking when the link is clicked.

can you teach me how to remove the link from the css script tag? thanks!

here is the website link for your referrence

i inserted this dropdown menu using an ap div and an iframe. that caused the problem right? i tried inserting this menu using a table but the dropdown shows behind the slider. it only shows in front of the slider if i use a div tag and an iframe. please help. i have a deadline in this project and i’m stacked with this problem.

thanks for your help.

Hey the website in which you’re working is completely messed. You have to rebuild this template first. Don’t care about the drop down menu. The problem lies in your other html code. You have declared both doctype in your template (XHTML and HTML5 ) which is wrong. I suggest you to rebuild without using <iframe> tag.

Hi, I like your menu a lot. I just have one simple question. I was just wondering how to remove those triangular shapes on the far right and left of the menu, that make the menu bar appear as though it wraps behind content on the page.

Menu bar works perfect no problems :D

find these two selectors in menu.css file .DropMenu:before { .... } and .DropMenu:after { .... } and remove it from there. That’s it.

That was easy enough, guess I should have looked a little harder. Thanks

Nice menu.. Quick question though. The ribbon effect on both ends dont seem to show up in IE7 or 8 . This includes the box shadow effect. Works perfectly in IE9 . Looking at the CSS file, it does does like a hack was included but doesnt seem to work. How do i make it appear in IE7 and 8?

IE8 has some z-index bug when used with :before and :after pseudo selectors. It works only (in both IE 7 & IE8 ) if you make ribbon by adding additional ‘div’ or ‘span’ element in the html file and then write CSS for it. Hack was included to remove ribbon effect from IE8 . You may like this to make ribbon without :before and :after selector.

I havent bought this item because of the “ribbon effect”. It looks good but it wont fit on my website style. So my question is, if I buy it will I be able to remove the sides that give it the ribbon effect?

In short – yes. The menu is fully customizable. Note: The menu is not responsive so it doesn’t work on ipad’s.

Hello -

Love the menu – looks great and easy to use and modify. I put it on my homepage at the top. I have an “Estro jQuery plugin slider” in about the middle of my page. The only problem I am having is when the menu drops down (lowest levels) it appears behind the slider. Is there a way to always make the menu appear on top of other content or do I have to move my slider?

Thanks for making this – you guys rock!

This is ofcourse a problem of css “z-index” property. Try to change the z-index number to high or you can find and paste this code inside the css selector: ul.DropMenu { z-index: 99; } If above doesn’t work for you then send me an email with the address of your site.

Only black colour?

At this time, only black.

Thanks for the “z-index” tip – worked fine. Just one other question – how do I get the contact form and search bar to work or are they just for show? If it’s something I can look up online I will – just point me in the right direction. After all it isn’t right for me to ask you to do ALL my code ;-).

Thanks a lot!

The contact form and search bar will not work without server side scripting which can be done by JavaScript and PHP . There are numerous of websites where you can download free JavaScript code for contact form. Just Google it ( keyworks like AJAX contact form). Note that this is pure CSS3 drop down menu ( without scripting language). If you want working contact form either Google it or purchase it from CodeCanyon – JavaScript or PHP Category. Here is one of the tutorial for contact form.

Thanks again for quick response. I figured as much but wanted to make sure about the contact & search bar.

You guys are great and I will definitely be buying more of your stuff in the future!

The menu looks great. I’m having some problems with the drop downs in the menu. Sometimes when I mouse over the drop down they don’t drop down. I’m experiencing this problem on a mac in safari and on occasion in chrome.

It seems to respond on occasion after I mouse over the facebook icon and then back to the drop down.

Can you please take a look? Thanks

Here is the site I’m working on

Hello -

This menu rocks and I really like how it looks. My problem is that in IE9 the height of the menu doubles in size which throws everything else on the page off. Can you tell me how to fix this? It works great in Chrome and Firefox!

site in question is

Thanks a lot!

All is working great thanks. Can you just guide me on how to make the ribbon (Triangles) bigger? I would like it to wrap out further from the page.

play with margin and width (try increasing or decreasing these two) in class ul.DropMenu and border-width in classes .DropMenu:before, .DropMenu:after

Was wondering under your Blog category, you are only showing 3 pics/paragraphs, is that expandable as I have more products then that?

Yes, it is expandable


I would like to try the single user license. If I like it, can I apply the cost toward an unlimited license?


You can see the details for unlimited license here

Thanks, but I didn’t see anything regarding the cost in that agreement. I want to know if I pay for a single license and then decide to buy an unlimited license, would the cost of the single license be deducted from the unlimited?


I don’t think so as they didn’t mention. I think, you have to ask this question in codecanyon forum or contact to them.

My nav bar doesn’t seem to work in Internet Explorer, do you have any idea why? It’s there but there is no background colour so all you can see are the icons.